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22.06 Turning this into a blog/writing page instead. Might format it different some day. But for now endless scrolling is all you get

03.08.2022 - 100,000 views

(It´s an altered/overpainted image but I have my neocities dark theme available right here if you are wondering)

What an awesome thing, well maybe not as awesome as you might think. It is clear, a ton of views are bots. It´s nothing new. As well as my own visits and me working on my site. BUT I know many real people visit my site. And THATS the awesome thing! You are awesome and I appreciate you a lot, even if you visited me for only a minute. It´s still a minute you decided to spent on here.

I'm actually no "milestone person". I also barely did anything related to numbers on social platforms I used to use. Simply because I care more about the real, active people behind the screen instead of a huge empty number. However, it is still very cool to see that my site got visited alot. It´s kinda a different thing for me than a social media follow count in a way. Maybe you can relate. I would lie when I say I dont´care.. Visits and people who stick around make me happy of course. Even if you never interact with me and just click around a bit. If you silently enjoy my site, that´s great! But I´m kinda not having that sort of feeling on a platform such as Twitter. You get a follow, maybe a view and that is it. It´s boring honestly because you feel like you aren´t building connections, or feel home and special. Which is why to me, getting visitors on a personal site someone decided to click on means more, and is the reason why I wanted to mention it in a small blog post here. Thanks for stopping by!~

03.07.2022 - Goodbye Boris

Sadly, my little plant died this morning. He started looking bad roughly two days a go and since then started to die more and more. When I woke up this morning and saw him laying there lifeness on the ground, I started crying a bit. Yes I cried over a plant. It was just like a little child I took care of and which I watched growing every day. It was always the first thing I checked after waking up. And now he´s gone...
Honestly I´m still a little unsure about why he died. I haven´t done anything different. But I noticed that he started to look worse after I last watered him. However when I was checking, the soil was not dry and not too wet either. The roots looked fine too. But as time went on, his stem started turning brown at the bottom.. In my opinion, it´s most likely that I used the wrong soil, even though he was doing well, I noticed that he was growing quite slow and was kinda weak even after almost a whole month. I´m pretty sure that, if he was actually healthy he would have been bigger already.

I will retry this. I ordered both, new seeds and also completely different soil too. (just need to arrive). The soil I will be using is specifically for seedlings. The soil I used before was a Airod mixture and I highly believe this soil was too rich for this little plant. I don´t think light was the issue. He definetely got that. His little pot is right at the window too, along with all my orchids which are in very good shape. Sometimes I also put him outside. (which wasn´t harming him at all, in fact these plants like the sun).

Rest in peace Boris. Sorry you had such a short life.

22.06.2022 - Art Thoughts

It´s kinda strange how my art completely changed. I remember drawing nothing but feral animals. (Here, take a look at this) Now I draw nothing but human and anthro. Did I except that? Absolutely not. I always sucked at everything which walks on two legs. The anatomy, the neck, everything. But as soon as I wanted to illustrate my own private characters, I started to draw this kind of stuff. Simply because I want to draw scenes and interactions, stroy telling, relationships, their life and more. If I´m not able to draw this I can´t show it. But I want to show it! I want to look at it and be proud of it. Do I care about reach? Not so much. It´s cool and motivates me a lot if people show interest in my world but I don´t except it at all. And it´s not something that happens much to begin with. I just have fun with my little fantasy world which is with me since I can remember.

But you know what I wish I could do more? Huge scenes! Beautiful nature and cities, fantasy world environments. Not the simple "usual" stuff. I can draw a character sitting on a tree, I can draw two characters in a pool, I can draw my character holding their pet. But what about my character being chased by monsters, with a highly detailed, incredible landscape where many other things are going on as well without taking the attention away from the main subject? That´s the kind of stuff I´m currently wokring on. I definitely don´t want to go back to when I was drawing character X standing or sitting in the void. There´s nothing wrong with art like this, especially when you want to do that for page decor, a sticker or something like that. But just for regular illustrations, I wanna give it some sense. Some background, some story telling. It doesn´t have to be super complex but it has to be something which feels like a little cut out scene of a story that is happening, or which describes emotions.

!! Everything below this point is old and in diary format. A thing I wanted to do but I just don´t have anything interesting to share every day.


Well today was fun. Not much happened but I was in a nice mood today! :) Do you remember that puzzle I wrote about yesterday? I was thinking about painting the box because holy shit.. the red bothers the living hell out of me. So here please enjoy my upgraded version of the box. I´m super happy with it. Borders are painted as well & have dandelions on them.


Little extra to add! The puzzle I ordered on the second of april arrived today with the hummingbird I drew! It´s so nice! The puzzle is a birthday present tbh. But i feel like I will puzzle it too. One thing tho.. why why why red? Out of all the colors that exist, they offer an eyebleeding red box for custom puzzles. AAH

It´s been a little while since I wrote in my diary.. but honestly there isn´t that much I could share. My life isn´t super interesting or cool. I mainly just struggle the whole day to breath. (I mean that literally) and try to pass time. I´ve been drawing a lot of hummingbirds lately & also bumped them in my shop. These little critters give me so much joy...

Other than that.. my new shoes arrived & they´re wonderful. Haven´t purchased from Vans before and the condition they arrived in was... something... But if we ignore this, it´s a nice quality shoe. They fit nicely to my jacket! (It´s a Nagetano Jacket but yea.. well.. I guess you can´t buy it anymore. Awesome I own something unique xD)


Aside from my kinda tried and bad mood I had a lot of fun with webdesign today... I signed up to as well as! As you can see, these two fit my main website time! Such fun little things... I also got a lot of positivity about my site today! thanks everyone for stopping by ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ♡

And I´m currently hungry... but will take a shower first & then get some good snack!


Worked more on the site today and Improved a lot of things. I really love how the glowing rainbow titles turned out, as well as the mobile menu I gave an overhaul.. I work with normal HTML for every single page and need to write it for every site. I am aware there are other options. For example to only edit it in one file & using frame but I don´t do that for customisation reasons. That´s tons of extra work but that´s fine to me.

I also picked up my switch again today after not using it for like four months. Diving into Animal crossing again was very fun!

Another thing that was cool today is Vivaldi. I discovered this browser today and I´m currenly typing this using it & all the editng I made today as well. I love this browser so much, it feels like there are more settings than anything else tbh XD but wow, it´s great! I probably won´t switch back to Edge or Chrome, which I have been using all the time to do things. I was also an OperaGX user for a short time but I kinda didn´t like it.


Today was such an awful day & I slept like two hours last night. Couldn´t find rest and was in pain too. Now that I´m writting this & the day is almost over for me, I feel better and I´m pretty tired too. Will prolly watch some more Netflix then & go to bed..

Ah and that Calendar I added today, man I love it so much for some reason. Now I have a reason to finally complete the birth dates for my OCs I´m going to put in.


I have been in a pretty good mood today and worked quite a lot on this site and making improvements to it. Such as.. this little section for example. A little hidden place for my thoughts and other things. idk what to use this for atm. But a journal or a diary sounds good! A few years later I will read this again and think "wtf did I wrote here". yea.. I had a diary before so I know this weird feeling you get when you read it again. But.. it actually didn´t had that many entries.

I also finally sold another character last mightnight. Which made me very happy, since I try to sell a bunch since ages lol. So every sale is always awesome! & I hppe the new owner will have fun with the character.