Art Thoughts

It´s kinda strange how my art completely changed. I remember drawing nothing but feral animals. (Here, take a look at this) Now I draw nothing but human and anthro. Did I except that? Absolutely not. I always sucked at everything which walks on two legs. The anatomy, the neck, everything. But as soon as I wanted to illustrate my own private characters, I started to draw this kind of stuff. Simply because I want to draw scenes and interactions, stroy telling, relationships, their life and more. If I´m not able to draw this I can´t show it. But I want to show it! I want to look at it and be proud of it. Do I care about reach? Not so much. It´s cool and motivates me a lot if people show interest in my world but I don´t except it at all. And it´s not something that happens much to begin with. I just have fun with my little fantasy world which is with me since I can remember.

But you know what I wish I could do more? Huge scenes! Beautiful nature and cities, fantasy world environments. Not the simple "usual" stuff. I can draw a character sitting on a tree, I can draw two characters in a pool, I can draw my character holding their pet. But what about my character being chased by monsters, with a highly detailed, incredible landscape where many other things are going on as well without taking the attention away from the main subject? That´s the kind of stuff I´m currently wokring on. I definitely don´t want to go back to when I was drawing character X standing or sitting in the void. There´s nothing wrong with art like this, especially when you want to do that for page decor, a sticker or something like that. But just for regular illustrations, I wanna give it some sense. Some background, some story telling. It doesn´t have to be super complex but it has to be something which feels like a little cut out scene of a story that is happening, or which describes emotions.