Goodbye Boris

Sadly, my little plant died this morning. He started looking bad roughly two days a go and since then started to die more and more. When I woke up this morning and saw him laying there lifeness on the ground, I started crying a bit. Yes I cried over a plant. It was just like a little child I took care of and which I watched growing every day. It was always the first thing I checked after waking up. And now he´s gone...
Honestly I´m still a little unsure about why he died. I haven´t done anything different. But I noticed that he started to look worse after I last watered him. However when I was checking, the soil was not dry and not too wet either. The roots looked fine too. But as time went on, his stem started turning brown at the bottom.. In my opinion, it´s most likely that I used the wrong soil, even though he was doing well, I noticed that he was growing quite slow and was kinda weak even after almost a whole month. I´m pretty sure that, if he was actually healthy he would have been bigger already.

I will retry this. I ordered both, new seeds and also completely different soil too. (just need to arrive). The soil I will be using is specifically for seedlings. The soil I used before was a Airod mixture and I highly believe this soil was too rich for this little plant. I don´t think light was the issue. He definetely got that. His little pot is right at the window too, along with all my orchids which are in very good shape. Sometimes I also put him outside. (which wasn´t harming him at all, in fact these plants like the sun).

Rest in peace Boris. Sorry you had such a short life.