(It´s an altered/overpainted image but I have my neocities dark theme available right here if you are wondering)

What an awesome thing, well maybe not as awesome as you might think. It is clear, a ton of views are bots. It´s nothing new. As well as my own visits and me working on my site. BUT I know many real people visit my site. And THATS the awesome thing! You are awesome and I appreciate you a lot, even if you visited me for only a minute. It´s still a minute you decided to spent on here.

I'm actually no "milestone person". I also barely did anything related to numbers on social platforms I used to use. Simply because I care more about the real, active people behind the screen instead of a huge empty number. However, it is still very cool to see that my site got visited alot. It´s kinda a different thing for me than a social media follow count in a way. Maybe you can relate. I would lie when I say I dont´care.. Visits and people who stick around make me happy of course. Even if you never interact with me and just click around a bit. If you silently enjoy my site, that´s great! But I´m kinda not having that sort of feeling on a platform such as Twitter. You get a follow, maybe a view and that is it. It´s boring honestly because you feel like you aren´t building connections, or feel home and special. Which is why to me, getting visitors on a personal site someone decided to click on means more, and is the reason why I wanted to mention it in a small blog post here. Thanks for stopping by!~