Wow wow wow

In todays article, I will write about nothing but things that bothered me the whole day, because man, it was a bad one. If you aren't ready for this, skip this one. It's not going to include a lot of useful information and good vibes. Writing out my feelings in important for me however and it helps me to calm down. Maybe I won't even release this and just keep it to myself. If you read this, it means I decided to upload it.

I will not do name dropping or name very specific details, some of this is online and the people could be hunted, which is not my intention with my rant here. The online shit is generally not trowards one indivitual anyway. If you read this and feel attacked, not my problem. move on. I'm likely not taking about you anyway.


I don't mind people having fun and enjoying it. But for the love of god there is no need to throw bombs and rockets all over the place. It's the middle of the day and not new year yet. So shut the fuck up and stop shocking every damn inch of my body with your loud shit.

None Mods, be quiet

Don't rule places. You aren't admin or curator. You are a shitty little user who can shut their mouth. Nobody cares about your ugly rules and limits you wanna set. Want to make people aware of something or help? totally fine. But don't push others around like you're king of the world. You think you're cool and popular and can do anything huh? wrong. Your ugly ass following number on social shitia means nothing.

You have no Idea

My english lacks too much for this shit, but formal.. formal documents, phonecalls, triering, bothering. I'm tired. I'm tried of people calling me lazy and "sitting back and relax while others do everything for me". Especially BEHIND my back. They're not even talking to me. I wish every single fucking indivitual in this building who says shit like this a very painful walk to the fridge on the way to get a midnight sack. Hopefully you step on legos you lost there or hit your toe on the table. Not knowing someones life nor trying to understand their disabilities and talking shit about them is easy isn't it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing came through they stupid thick skulls in all those years. It would get me into a ton of trouble, but I would absolutely love to punch them in their ugly ass faces. ... Oh... I... apologize for this violent turn, this is still my rant you are reading here.

Don't... respond?

Is this a new trend now. Giving answers to questions I never had? Pointing shit out to me I know and even wrote? Y'all supid or what. How about reading before answering? If you got no time for that, leave? Your response is unwanted and unneeded in every way. I can not even count the amount of times I saw this happen or had this happen to me. You all are fucking with my mental heath here, as I start to believe I can't fucking explain shit every time this happens. But no, you all are simply lazy and don't care about what's written in front of your god damn face. Pay attention, answer my question if you know the answer or leave me alone. I'm so fucking tired of explaining what I already explained.

You are bored aren't you?

No, not everyone has XXXX opinion or is XXXX because they don't talk about every fucking detail on your damn topic. "I agree with.... and .... it's awesome" > other person responds: people who do this are pieces of shit because this and that can be seen this way as well" Yeah, people are this retarded. Looking for negative details for no reason at all. Imagine having a normal convo and people make assumptions about you because detail number 12849402 wasn't included in your damn text. Go touch grass and stop putting your shit load of stress on others. Nobody likes you.

anyway.. here's wholesome doge to finish it off.