Happy New year.. Fireworks were beautiful again and stopped prompty 1-2h after midnight. No annoying loud booms out of nowhere till 9 or something. We had that pretty much every single year. But this year, we had a clean cut. Everybody did fireworks, and then silence. wonderful.

I don't have new years resolutions, besides some art related things I already talked about in my art summary article. They're pointless. I just do the best I can, year by year. I don't need a "special day" to do a list of things. It's a day like any other and it's something you can do at any point of the year. If you wait till new years to even think about it, it's not as important to you as you might think. And be real, did you ever make anything you put on that list anyway? And you probably repeat too. Idk aside from cool fireworks, it's the most unnecessary "holiday". Just my two cents.

Took a photo on our balcony. Looks more far away than it is. A few people were right in front of us too but I didn't had my phone with me at this point.