3D Puzzle

My hands hurt..
Globe arrived 2 days a go, along with another unidragon puzzle (royal size butterfly, I'll make a blog post about this too when its done). And I was building the globe the whole last night from start to finish (about 7 hours)

This project was super fun and my very first 3D puzzle I have ever done. Messed up too.. but its not noticable if you dont know what it is. It sucks a bit that I can't rotate the globe using the mechanism in the stand though... But for first try & doing this only on my own I am quite proud.

The most enjoable part was adding the map parts, building the stand and seeing how it all came together over time. Screwing in the USB and LED was the most simple thing out of all. And the most uncomplicated. Too bad most of it was putting little nips/wood pieces in holes, which is the main reason why my fingers are in pain... Writing this hurts too -.-.

I'm planning to get another one of these sometime in the future. I also have my eyes on one of these mechanical cats that walk around. But for now I need a break..