..about literally everything

Sit back and relax.


Untoasted toast tastes much better than toasted toast. The texture is nice and the bread isn't dry.


Jealousy / "they are only mad because they can't have it too" is a weak argument.


Brown chocolate and white chocolate are boring and nasty, only the combo of both together is good.


textured brushes in digital art are overused and applied in wrong ways 80% of the time. They could work very nicely, but in other areas and styles. Sometimes I'm confused about the choises, especially for lineart. Someone has such a cool art style and then there is this brush.. sure everyone has a different taste but some stuff just looks terrible in every way.


t-shirts are better than hoddies


series are better than movies. More story, more content.


cats are cooler than dogs (I like both don't throw rocks at me please, only pillows)


graphics in a game are important.


Mobile games aren't bad or boring. There are many bad ones, just like bad console or pc games. Don't throw every single game in one box.


adult cartoons are the most boring shit. idk what's so interesting about them.


no art medium is better than the other and no art medium has a quality label. You can have bad traditional art and good tradtional art. You can have bad digital art and good digital art. You can craft a great figure or an ugly figure. tradtional art = low quality is the biggest bullshit. Its the artist that does art, not the medium.


songs in which the beat drop is weaker than the other parts are terrible.


while liked by many, the generic flavour strawberry is nasty in a lot of products. Same goes for citrus fruits.