A new-old Terrarium

Start Of The Jewel Orchid Jungle

You might have seen my succulent terrarium, well if you ever visited my plant collection at least. If you have not, Here you go! This is what it looked like back in september 2022.

Now, we decided to reuse that terrarium, and get these succulents out of there. For a few reasons.

- the plants started to get bad
- I got the idea to turn this into something else
- I wanted to save the succulents because I love them

The Succulents now

They all are either in their own pot or in a little group of 3 plants max. I also gave them cacti substrate this time, the succulent substrate is only on top because it gives a really pretty look rather than the brown dirt. I used another substrate because I wanted to actually get them wet down there. Then I removed them from the container, the roots were dead. dead and dry, although we watered. So I just felt safer using the substrate I'm more familiar with.

The New Orchids

As I listed above, I wanted to turn this into something else. I wanted to get my hands on a few more jewel orchids and do a little jewel orchid terrarium that is full of all different kinds of orchids. I got 4 more! With the macodes petola, it's 5 total in there! This is only the start, as I want this to turn into a jewel orchid jungle full of these beautiful leaves. I however can not do that all at once. They are pricy. One might be alright but if you buy a couple of them it starts to get pretty expensive. This entire terrarium has a worth of about 200 euros, including plants, substrate, terrarium container, and decor. The moss is actually from our own nearby forest area this time, not bought. It's SO much nicer. Honestly, if you're able to, always get moss yourself instead of buying it.

I am going to crop them too when they grow massively, and put them back into soil, which will help making the ground more dense and bushy.

We have got Macodes Dossinides 'Charlot Teng', Anoectochilus lylei 'Marshmallow', Anoectochilus albolineatus ´Ladies Best Friend` and Macodes petola 'Exotic Jungle'! Exotic jungle is my favorite! It almost glows.. crazy. Nature really surpassed itself with these.

Here are a couple more pictures of everything, including the finished terrarium and a little video I took :). Absolute beauties. I am hoping they will last a very long time. But I have a good feeling. No jewel orchid died in our home so far.

oh and while you're at it, give me a sub on my dead youtube channel were I upload ✨nothing✨!

you have reached the end~ thank you for looking!