Mobile Game Launchers..

I occasionally play on mobile and I've made a really cool find while trying to get a unique, landscape formatted gaming launcher for my android tablet. Most gaming lauchers, and I am sorry to say this, are ugly as fuck. And more importantly, aren't really suitable for a tablet and/or landscape mode. I don't need all icons next to each other in a random app folder, I could simply make a folder on my homescreen for it then. No, I want something neat I can dive in to when I wanna play.

My Xiaomi phone which I bought back in 2018 has an amazing, super cool looking gaming laucher + booster. Something that is included in the security app (can be put on the home screen though). Thing is... it's xiaomi exclusive, getting this on to a different device as a regular app is not possible. Now.. if you're a tech-freak I'm sure you can find a way. I've seen people run WindowsXP on their phone after all xD. But for the normal user, the option isn't there.

here is a screenshot


And then, there's Vapor. I like this app for a few reasons. But before I get into it, here are some general infos:

Vapor is based on Steam Deck UI! Now personally I don't own a Steam Deck, but I enjoy the UI of it. It feels like something none-android. Not that I hate android, I like it a lot, but most things developed for android, or well phones in general, look quite repetitive. Which I think is also a reason why no game laucher from the playstore catches my eye.

Here is a screenshot I took, you can take a quick look at it

One thing I like especially is the update section. I don't need to open the playstore to read the changes, It's literally right there. Now at first I was confused about how to use that feature. But I got the hang on it quickly. Just drag to left and right, just like how you select the games on top with the white border around them. You will then see the changes in textform on top of the update image. simple and useful.

Like I already listed above, this is an alpha. There are bugs, buttons with no fuction, missing functions.. the list goes on. Is any of this bothering? not at all. The launcher works perfectly fine for gaming, setting favorites and reading updates. For an alpha, this is pretty solid. And most importantly to me, it's unique, for an android app. I enjoy using it.