Bye 2023

Another Year has come to an end. I was sleeping this year and wasn't watching the fireworks at 00:00. I had zero interest in it and was already very pissed the whole day because of the endless loud shocking booms. Like yea cool, have fun ig, but can you wait till midnight or at least late evening?

That aside, I did my new years illustration again.. just in time. I wasn't sure if I would be able to finish it before the new year starts. But it turned out to be my last piece of 2023. 1,5 hours later it was over.

I named it 'Cozy New Year'

I don't have new years resolutions and I find them pretty dumb. I can already see the questions coming oh good god leave me alone. You dont need a fucking year switch to make a change or set goals. Just do it. We all know we don't stick to it. At least most of us.

Summary of art 2023

As usual my summary of art that includes not nearly everything of what I have completed. But I'm allowed to pick only one -w- . I have seen layouts with multiple images for each month, but I dont like them. This layout is selfmade again, just like my 2022 one. I really like the outcome of this and the rough shapes and textures. Has something vintage-like to it

Art Summary 2023

Some questions

Did you try anything new this year?
I always try new things sorta. Poses, techniques etc. Something very new I tried that is not part of the summary image are my "little guys". A simple chibi-like art style. Lui's stickers for example are drawn in this style. I also have a couple of these in my art archive.

What did you improve on?
my anatomy and level of detail. I'm super proud of it. When I compare it to last year and generally the years before, my pieces seem more confident now?!

What do you want to work on for next year?
way more complex perspective. Its something I haven't tried that much yet. here and there I did, I wouldn't say my pieces look boring, but I barely studied it.

What did you have the most fun with?
drawing scenes of my ocs. I did interactions quite a lot this year. I also enjoyed drawing backgrounds and rendering, lighting, adding mood etc! I love how its coming together.

Do you have any tips or advice to give to other artists?
draw what makes you happy, lazy days are fine. If you want to improve your art, focus on the things you aren't good at. Ask yourself why it looks off, and study it. I find using photos very and more useful than art often times. Also remember: be cringe, have fun!

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