updated: April 19th 2024

Please read this page carefully


  • By commissioning me you're agreeing and telling me you're 18 or older and have read my TOS to this point. I don't accept payment from minors.
  • You (the client) is responsable for any inaccuracies and flaws in the final product if not given enough information.
  • Breaking any of my terms or misusing me will end up in a permanent ban.
    You may not ask for any commission or join any auction. Blacklist

Will Draw

  • Any species
  • Any gender
  • Blood, gore, dark stuff etc.
  • Nudity & suggestive themes

Won't Draw

  • Fetish
  • Complex designs & complex pattern
  • Canon characters (depends - ask)
  • Feral nsfw & animal genitals


  • I work with paypal invoice
  • Please pay within 24h after I send out invoices, or give me a date on which you can pay.
  • 100% prepayment, start after full payment
  • I´ll start on your commission right after full payment has been received [depending on list]
  • No refunds. Unless I haven't started yet or need to cancel if RL complications occur


  • Please write to me in english, its the most comfortable for me. Btw RP, baby talk, similar, is a big no. Please don't write like that..
  • No multi messages please. One message on one platform is enough. Feel free to resend if I shouldn't come back to you within 48h.
  • No "hi" messages. If you contact me, please state directly what you want. If commissioning, use the provided form!


The following is only important if you
buy a YCH "your character here" from me

  • Any species, any gender, no matter the placeholder sketch, unless other details are stated
  • Please pay attention to the YCH post description. Some may feature different rules than others.
  • "what you see is what you get", including pose, expression and background. No edits, If not specified otherwise.
  • !! Messing up an auction repeatedly (e.g. posting false bids, not using comments to reply, deleting bids without any notice...) may end up in banning you from any and all feature auctions, ych and commissions.
  • I do NOT accept major changes. To the point the theme and original idea is different. This is a YCH, not a regular commission. Please commission me for this.


  • I don't accept shaded and rendered refs & random pics. Send me a flat color that shows the character clearly. For very simple characters however, I make exceptions and can even work with description only. In a regular case though, anything other than a flat view it very dedious to work with, especially when you are picky and care about the colors on your character. I prefer to avoid it for that reason. Also if you send me several images to use, I will use the ref sheet mainly.
  • I will work with what you give me and I am not going to pull information out of your nose. If there are important notes you want me to know, especially when not visible anywhere, mention it. Otherwise I will decide and draw what I think looks great!
  • Don't commissison me if you can't imagine your character in my style. I will not recreate other artists work.
  • I have the right to deny your commission for any reason!
  • I won't copy my artworks/ recreate the exact same artwork I did before with your character. My clients get a unique piece of artwork that will not be recreated. One exception are multi slot YCH that are labeled as such and which are listed in my YCH folder, if available.


  • Depending on what I need to work on as well as the option, I finish a commission in about a day up to 2 weeks. Please check my trello on my commission page before asking.


Yep, I will send you wips!

  • YCH:
    depends. cheap, colorfills & similar will have none, fixes ok (e.g. little guys)
  • Cheap commissions (e.g. Little guys):
    sketch only
  • Regular/Rendered Commissions & YCH:
    1-3 wips, depends on piece. But In any case I defintely update & ask you how you like it.
  • NO major changes after sketch approval.
  • Please respond to my WIPs. I wait for your approval before I continue.

The Artwork

  • My commissions/prices are for personal use only! (no profit, product printing, sales etc.)
  • No private commissions, meaning I'll publicy post it. You can be anon. Please mention it if that's the case, I won't ask.
  • Only the commissioner and character owner may use their art
  • no signature removal
  • no AI
  • Regarding character worth
    adds the amount you paid me to the worth of your character