You must be 18 or older to commission me! I will not accept commissions from people under the age of 18. By commissioning me you're agreeing and telling me you're 18 or older and have read my TOS to this point.

Breaking any of my terms or misusing me will end up in a permanent bann. You may not ask for any commission or join any auction. Currently, this list is empty, and I hope it stays that way


  • Feral, Anthro, Human (any species)
  • Outdoor and Indoor backgrounds
  • blood, gore, mild violence
  • while I don´t offer NSFW art (sexual), I can absolutely work with NSFW refs. no worries about that.


  • extreme complex designs. this includes plenty of markings, colors and accessories as well as very complex body structures.
  • furries/dragons with human-like lips
  • NSFW/ fetish content
  • Building and architecture heavy backgrounds! (I am capable of drawing some simple buildings)
  • heavy mecha and detailed armor
  • hateful/ questionable content. This includes symbols too.
  • most fan OCS ( but feel free to ask)


I can and will draw these things, however, they´re weak points, meaning I struggle a little.

  • complex clothing (like complex dresses, heavy fantasy etc)
  • sergal species


The following is only important if you
buy a YCH "your character here" from me

In general, please pay attention to the auction description. Some YCHs may feature different rules than others.

I do both, anthro and feral YCHs. Anthro means anthro and feral means feral. No anatomy switches. You´re more than welcome to give me your anthro character for a feral YCH but it will be drawn feral (and vise versa). In rare cases I offer anatomy changes, if that´s the case it will be mentioned in the YCH description as well otherwise it´s "what you see is what you get" , same for the pose, expression and background. If not specified otherwise, I don´t offer changes. If you don't like a YCH, please don't claim it. You can always commission me the regular way instead (if open)!

!! If you are messing up the auction repeatedly (e.g. posting false bids, not using comments to reply, deleting bids without any notice you will be blocked!

Similar to how I do commissions, I´ll start after full payment has been received!


Please use the english language. That´s what I´m most comfortable with! :)

I´m not someone who is very form, I just type normally & chill. However things like extreme character talk/ baby talk/ dumb talk will not be tolarated. This is a commission process, not RP. Please don´t communicate like that. I had a couple cases like this already. Not only is it very unhelpful and slows down the process but it makes me very uncomfortable as well. If you behave this way I have the right to deny

Communication only on Furaffinity via notes/comments or email. Any other messages on random places will be ignored.
This includes DMs, Telegram/Discord Chats etc too. (Personal reasons.) UNLESS stated otherwise. Thank you!


I only work with none shaded ref sheets or at least a simple flatcolor view of your character. Not random art. If you offer me a shaded ref, I will deny. (unless your character is very simple) The same goes for heavy watermarked or compressed files which doesn´t allow me to see the character clearly. Those things make the process stressful and quite hard to work with. Thank you!~

Please stay up to date and don´t commission me if you want me to draw in a style I had 4 years a go, My Gallery is always up to date if you need a quick overview of my newest artwork! :)

My style is slightly experimental and also depends on the type of character I have to work with. By commissioning me you allow me to have artistic liberty on how I draw and improve my abilities. I try to make characters more fitting to their appearance/species and I care about proportions, rather than sticking to same face syndrome.

"please draw like artistXY" will be denied. I do not offer artwork in other artists' styles, sorry.

I have the right to deny your commission request for any reason!


Highly depending on what I need to work on, I finish a commission in about 2 days up to a month. I always make sure to message my customers and inform them if I should need more time than expected.

Please know that I´m not a machine, I also don´t rush my art. However, I´m a pretty quick working artist.

Portraits for example are done in about a week. sometimes quicker. Mostly also pending on the character too.

How I work / about WIPS

After you contact me I´ll reply to your mail asap! When everything is clear, discussed, and paid, I´ll start (also depending on my to-do list, pls check it to see where you currently are before asking, it´s always updated).

YCHs: I usually send one WIP ( updated colored sketch/line).
Regular Commissions: I usually send 2 wips (sketch and flat color sketch/line) before finishing. in some cases, there may be more than that.

I will not continue without your approval and will wait untill you answer me back. The longer you take to respond the longer the whole process will last.

I provide WIPs to make sure what you want is right as well as making sure the overall character looks accurate and to your liking. Usually, my WIPs just don´t look that good in comparison to the final work. (which is one reason why I don't offer any sketch commissions). So please don´t worry too much if you dislike something in this state.

I do not offer big changes anymore after your approval on the sketch! Please be sure you actually like the pose/emotion you give me the "ok" to! If there´s something you don´t like you can tell me. that´s what the WIPs are for.

The base color WIP is always there to make sure your character looks correct before I continue to finish it up with all the details.

You will always receive the final product in high resolution (PNG)


I work with paypal invoice only.

I ALWAYS start after full payment. HOWEVER, in rare cases I offer a sketch before any payment. This mainly happens if I'm unsure about what you're requesting (for example an unusual species, very complex posing etc.). I want to make sure I'm able to draw your character and give you a good result. In this case, I´ll request payment after your ok on the sketch.

I have no payment plans rn but if you want to order a big and pricy scene for example and cannot pay full, I´m happy to discuss a plan with you. I´ll start on your commission after full payment has been received.

No refunds. Unless I haven't started yet or need to cancel if RL complications occur

The Artwork

- I only do private commissions (not commercial).

- I still have rights to my artwork. This means I can use it for advertisements, upload it as well as using it for commission examples.

- You can make prints as well as printing them on products, for PERSONAL use only!

- I do not offer special versions of a piece. eg. "can you remove the whole background from my character."
If the artwork is fitting for a transparent png , for example you bought a fullbody with simple background, it is 100% fine. But for any other pieces which are not intented to be some transparent png , such as a portrait or a full or halfbody scene, I will not. I got those requests frequently and I will no longer offer it. I don´t allow editing to begin with, which I assume is what people want to do with it. + it´s extra work for me as well. I also won´t do it for extra payment.

- Do not cut or remove my signature

- Do not use any art that wasn´t personally done for you! Only the commissioner has the right to do so. It´s their character, not yours. The same goes for any work of my characters as well. Wouldn´t it be weird using someone else´s character?