updated: 30 Oct. 2023


You must be 18 or older to commission me! I will not accept commissions from people under the age of 18. By commissioning me you're agreeing and telling me you're 18 or older and have read my TOS to this point.

You (the client) is responsable for any inaccuracies and flaws in the final product if not given enough information.

Breaking any of my terms or misusing me will end up in a permanent bann. You may not ask for any commission or join any auction. Blacklist


  • any species
  • any gender
  • blood, gore, violence
  • nudity & suggestive themes
    >> I do not draw animal genitalia of any kind


  • animal/creature with human-like lips
  • fetish & hard porn
  • complex designs & complex pattern
  • canon characters (depends - ask)
  • feral nsfw

Additional Costs

Regarding multiple limbs or heads

please expect up to + 80% of the base price. (in extreme cases) You can ask for a quote/price before ordering or claiming a YCH!

Regarding complexity / yes and no's

I only accept characters who are simple-medium for my prices listed. If you have a complex OC, featuring difficult pattern and symbols over the entire body I will either deny, or charge extra. +50% of the base price.

Tattoos: complex tattoos, structures and pattern on furries will be denied. I will not render complex structures on fur in general. Tattoos on humans are welcome, if you want a complex tattoo that needs to look identical I need a transparent png of it to work with.

"My character only has complex elements on their body/ down, can I still get a portrait or icon?" yes! thats not an issue. another option I accept would also be if you want me to put your animal character into cloths covering it.


Please use the english language. That´s what I´m most comfortable with! :)

I´m not someone who is very form. I text pretty chill. However things like character talk and RP are a big no. This is a commission process, not RP. Not only is this very unhelpful but it makes me uncomforable too.

I will not respond to "hi" messages with no topic. If you contact me, please use the form, or ask directly if you have a question.

Questions not relevant to the order, or that are available information (ex: how much is a portrait) will not be responded to.


The following is only important if you
buy a YCH "your character here" from me

Please keep "additional costs" section above in mind.

In general, please pay attention to the auction description. Some YCHs may feature different rules than others.

YCHS are "what you see is what you get", including pose, expression and background. If not specified otherwise, I don´t offer changes. If you don't like the YCH, don't claim it. You can always commission me!

!! If you are messing up the auction repeatedly (e.g. posting false bids, not using comments to reply, deleting bids without any notice... you will be blocked!

Similar to how I do commissions, I´ll start after full payment has been received!


I don't accept shaded and rendered refs, or must be simple OC with color palette.

Don't commissison me if you can't imagine your character in my style(s).
I dont copy other artists styles

I have the right to deny your commission for any reason!


Depending on what I need to work on as well as the option, I finish a commission in about a day up to 2 weeks. Please check my to-do on my commission page before asking.

How I work / about WIPS

After you contact me I´ll reply to your mail/message asap!
When everything is clear, discussed, and paid, I´ll start working.


(regular/detailed) YCHs: I usually send 1 WIP, sometimes 2.

Cheap options & YCH: No wips. I will send the final only. But offer fixes if a detail is missing

Regular Commissions: I usually send 2-3 wips before finishing, depending on the piece and level of detail. in some cases, there may be more than that.

I will never continue without your approval and wait for your respone!

NO major changes after sketch approval.


I work with paypal invoice only.

please pay within 24h after I send out invoices, or give me a date on which you can pay, ghosting is not acceptable and may end up in blacklisting.

I only take 100% prepayment aka start after full payment. In rare cases I may offer a sketch before any payment if your request is unusual. In this case, I´ll request payment after your ok on the sketch.

I have no payment plans rn but if you want to order a big and pricy scene for example and cannot pay full, I´m happy to discuss a plan with you. I´ll start on your commission after full payment has been received.

No refunds. Unless I haven't started yet or need to cancel if RL complications occur

The Artwork

- The prices are for personal commissions, not commercial.
- I don't do full private commissions, meaning I'll publicy post it, use it to advertise and display my work.
- You can make prints as well as printing them on products, for PERSONAL use only!

- Regular options: I do not offer plenty of requests/edits and versions of a piece as well as background removal. I also won´t do it for extra payment. No exceptions.

- Do not use any art that wasn´t personally done for you! Only the commissioner has the right to do so. The same goes for any work of my own characters as well.