updated: May 19th 2024

Please read this page before commissioning me


  • By commissioning me you're agreeing and telling me you're 18 or older and have read my TOS to this point. I don't accept payment from minors.
  • Breaking any of my terms or misusing me will end up in a permanent ban.
    You may not ask for any commission or join any auction. Blacklist

Will Draw

  • Any species
  • Any gender
  • Blood, gore, dark stuff
  • Nudity & suggestive themes

Won't Draw

  • Fetish
  • Complex pattern
  • Canon characters (depends - ask)
  • Feral nsfw & animal genitals


  • I work with paypal invoice
  • Please pay within 24h after I send out invoices, or give me a date on which you can pay.
  • 100% prepayment, start after full payment
  • I´ll start on your commission right after full payment has been received [depending on list]
  • No refunds. Unless I haven't started yet or need to cancel if RL complications occur

Communication/ Chatting

  • Please write to me in english
  • No multi messages please. One message on one platform is enough. Feel free to resend if I shouldn't come back to you within 48h.
  • No "hi" messages. If you contact me, please state directly what you want. If commissioning, use the provided form!


The following is only important if you
buy a YCH "your character here" from me

  • Any species, any gender, no matter the placeholder sketch, unless other details are stated
  • usually "what you see is what you get", including pose, expression and background. (ask)
  • !! Messing up an auction repeatedly (e.g. posting false bids in an auction, deleting bids without any notice...) will result in a ban.


  • I will need a character reference to work with (flat or minimal shading only)
  • Don't commissison me if you can't imagine your character in my style.
  • I have the right to deny your commission for any reason!
  • I won't copy my artworks/ recreate the exact same artwork I did before with your character. My clients get a unique piece of artwork that will not be recreated. One exception are multi slot YCH that are labeled as such and which are listed in my YCH folder, if available.


  • Depending on what I need to work on as well as the option, I finish a commission in about a day up to 2 weeks. Please check my trello on my commission page before asking.


  • cheap YCH:
    depends. colorfills & similar will usually have none, fixes ok (e.g. little guys)
  • Cheap commissions (e.g. Little guys):
    sketch only
  • Regular/Rendered Commissions & YCH:
    1-3 wips, depends on piece. But In any case I defintely update & ask you how you like it.
  • NO major changes after sketch approval (In YCH its sometimes flat color state).
  • Please respond to my WIPs. I wait for your approval before I continue.

The Artwork

  • My commissions/prices are for personal use only! (no profit, product printing, sales etc.)
  • No private commissions, meaning I'll publicy post it. You can be anon. Please mention this upfront.
  • Only the commissioner and character owner may use their art ,uncluding reposting. Credit is appreciated.
  • No signature removal
  • No AI
  • Regarding character worth
    adds the amount you paid me to the worth of your character