YCHs (your character here) are sketches I sell which will be finished with your character inside. If you´re interested in joining my auctions, I hold them on my Furaffinity only!

Recently finished YCH Auctions..
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INFO: Sold 300€ / BenTheGoat
INFO: Sold 120€ / Lucky-r
INFO: Sold 130€ / FurZery
INFO: Sold 100€ / SuddenlyJosh

YCHs and Auctions are what I mainly do these days. Occasionally I open up my regular commissions as well but they´re usually more stressfull for me than selling my sketches and finishing them up! I´ve been doing these auctions regulary since a couple years now and they became quite comfortable for me. Unfortunately I have to deal with social anxiety often and because of that the process of commissions sometimes scares me, although I had close to no negative experiences so far.

Also you may be wordering why the hell I am listing sold YCHs here and their prices. This is to give you a quick overview of what price range my auctions are usually in. A lot of people stumble across my work and after lots of reading and maybe searching things, they notice that they can´t afford it and wasted their time. This is something I experience myself a lot as well. A quick overview is fast and easy for visitors. Now, it is worth mentioning that a lot of heigher sales are due to AB as well..

Yea.. that´s about it. Enough background talk.