Name: Holly
Age: Juvenile
Adopted: 09.08.2023 at 5-6i
Species: Phidippus regius "Everglades"
Gender: female
Molted with me: 1 time(s)



Holly has been very quiet for the last weeks and just finished molting today! She did overnight most likely when I was sleeping. Everything went well and she is completely out of her past skin. Now she's just chilling in her hammock and waiting for her exoskeleton to harden up. Ori's personality changed after a molt, I'm currious how Holly will be like. Maybe some changes in her behaviour or just the same old spood she was before.


I wanted a second spood! My sweet sweet girl arrived today.. which was extremly fast delivery from Switzerland to Germany. (overnight) But I wanted to be safe than sorry so I went for the express option. Ori was from Germany, not too far away and she was almost a week in there :( so.. yea. I really wanted to avoid that. Now she's doing very well and is much much more 'extrovert' compared to Ori. Having different personalities to deal with is very fun.

Holly is very jumpy and got on my hand right away. I feared that I loose her... she really is very fast.. and so fucking adorable it's illegal.

Now Holly needs to adapt to her new home. But it seems she already found her home in Ori's past shell at the top and started building her hammock.

You can check my Tiktok for some more videos of her

Current Home

Prettied up Ori's old egg enclosure for Holly now.


Instar = amount of times the spider grew out of her old exoskeleton

Instar 6-7

since: 07.09.2023

Instar 5-6

since: (?)09.08.2023