Dark Adventure

Waiting impatiently.. Lui looked up in the air. It's been a few days since shit happened. "It's too silent".. he thought. Well, he isn't going to lay here much longer doing nothing & waiting for chaos to happen again. He slowly got up from the soft grass he was resting in and called his buddy Fred. Time to train some abilities and do something.

As soon as he arrived inside Freds castle, he was nowhere to be found. Annoyed, he turned around, went outside and wanted to train a bit by himself. It's been a while since he murdered a few rocks and islands with the Staff. So, he took it, took a deep breath and began to shoot, do stunts and focusing on his energy level.

It got early evening already.. Suddently, he heard an unknown sound. It came from deep down, underneath the islands. He flew around for a bit.. all the way down to the dark underground area where the sound seemed to come from. He couldn't see anything unusual at first but then he saw it. FRED! Fred seemed to hide and look at something in the distance. Lui slowly walked over to Fred, to ask him what was going on. "psssst". Fred whispered: "be quiet, something is behind the formations down there". Lui looked to his right and noticed that Spike and Feli where there as well. "ahw well, they try to figure things out on their own again and went down here without me" he thought...

Suddenly, something hit him. Lui was thrown in the air. "AHH"- some black creature? Clearly, something of dark energy seemed to wander around here. "Let's clear this area!" This dark indivitual seemed agressive at first - but something was off. The creature started running away quickly instead of attacking. Maybe scared of the gods, scared after coming in contact with them? It was an unusual behavior for a dark soul... After some time, they lost sight of it completely. "Where is he?". After some time, they just returned back up to the castle.

Since this day.. the shadowy, dark creature was never seen again. Nobody knows who it was or where it went. Was it friendly? evil? even dark? It remains a mystery.