Lui & Becky

*I absolutely love doing stories on how they meet. They are always different because I love to do many stories and scenarios :P that´s just one

"woke up to some calming rain today, it´s almost lunchtime.." He got up, to the bathroom, straight to the kitchen and came back with some pancakes and syrup. Sit down at the living room table to quickly get his food down.

Since it was weekend again, he didn´t had much to worry about. Just chilling a bit and drawing. "let´s go to the beach to swim" he thought. And got up, walked down the little path at the cliff right next to his house, to get to the warm, soft sand and water.

As he walked over to his favorite beach place, he decided to go to his treehouse instead, which was in a little jungle forest area, connected to the beach. Climbed up the ladder and as soon as he reached the top, *she* was there. "oh my god" . For a moment his heart stopped and he felt like falling down, fortunately, he didn't! Quickly he calmed down and looked at her. But she didn´t even realize someone was there with her at this moment. He was watching her exploring the little collections which he keeps in that treehouse, for the most part. It seemed to interest her quite a lot!

As he was watching her, she heard a noice and quickly turned her head around. Lui was frozen for a moment and didn´t move a muscle. They both kept looking at each other for a minute which felt more like an hour for him. Slow and gentle, he squeezed out his first words: "uuhhmhg Hello!" as he was close to falling off the ladder.

Lui stuttered like a champ and his body was shaking."Don´t worry.. I- I won´t touch or bother you.. like at all. so please.. don´t feel bothered.. I will .. I must go." But before he was able to leave, she stopped him. "-wait". Lui witnessed a shy, quiet voice behind him and slowly turned back to her. "I´m sorry... did.. have you said something?" For a moment Lui felt like going insane. There´s no chance she said a word... She never speaks to anyone and especially not to someone like him, he thought.

But yes, Becky actually wanted Lui to stay, a complete stranger she knows nothing about, isn´t even allowed to simply talk to and which she has no trust in. They both started talking about their issues, problems, and everything that was going on inside their minds. Later, when it started to go dark, they said goodbye, left with a smile and went back home to their normal lives, acting as nothing had happened. It took a few days until they both came closer to each other. Both were shy, introvert, and unsure of what move to do next. But they figured things out together over time. Surprisingly, both can hide secrets very well and part A of their family knows nothing about them. Part "A" describes their parents.