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My little plant family (and yes, I name them)
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last updated 25.09.2022, New update in the Terrarium, added Luck, Doloris, Ali and Leafy

Status: Alive

Succulent (Echeveria agavoides)

Me trying to identify a succulent species lmao.

Succulents are one of my favorite plants. They are very easy to care for and they look cool. So many species in all kinds of shapes and colors. This one in particular is one of the more average looking ones. Quite basic and simple. Nothing about this one is special. But I still like it. I would like to make a little succulent garden one day. With all kinds of colors and sizes.

Status: Growing...

Orchid (Phalaenopsis)

Luck is what is left over from my mom's orchid which I one day took appart and discovered rot and mold all over it's roots and soil.(The whole plant was dead basically)

However the old mother plant had these two small seperate pieces growing on a spike which I cut off and tried to let them root in water for months. This was everything but easy. Very hard in fact. I though I couldn't save anything from this plant. But look, I did it. These two small babies are now growing in soil and look way better than before! I think the flowers are yellow/white. I'm not too sure, let's wait and see.

Status: Alive

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

A cute Peace Lily which was dyed blue! Got her as a gift c:

She seems to be more on the tiny side. I have seen them with bigger leaves usually. But tiny is cute. I like that. Perhabs she will get bigger leaves anyway.

Status: alive

Phalaenopsis (Big Singolo)

GUYS. I got this as a gift and it´s so pretty! (Big Singolo was on my wishlist) I repotted him into Blue's pot btw. I repotted Blue into a bigger pot and used his old one for Ori now.

As far as I know this is the biggest orchid flower in existence. And I noticed it has bigger, like... way bigger roots as well. Everything on this plant is big lol. I hope it will bloom again when the flower is gone, it´s such a wonderful piece of nature! The flower looks almost unreal honestly.

Status: Alive

Red Secret (Alocasia)

My name is Giov- . Meet Giorgio! He´s an Alocasia Red Secret! An indivitual who does not seem to be too popular in the Alocasia community. Well, I personally think it´s an amazing looking plant. It´s leaves have a metalic shine to them. How can you not like that? It´s beautiful.

Giorgio is a little baby plant. Since he came in the mail, he has grown one new leaf. You can see it a little, unopened. I hope he gets big and strong. Alocasias don´t seem to be too easy to care for but so far so good. The day he came his leaves did look a little bad, but he now looks like new again!

Status: alive

Aloe (Vera)

Nice and spikey. Cofi is a little Aloe Vera plant! To be honest I´m not a hundert percent sure if he is just an Aloe Vera or an Aloe Crosby’s Prolific. Shop was unspecific so I did research. Well, either way, it´s an Aloe plant! A little baby which needs to get big first. It looks so cute and small.

Cofi is my first Aloe! Haven´t had one before.

Status: Alive

Orchid (Oncidium ornithorhynchum)

I'm not 100% sure about this specific orchid species. Identifing it is rough. I got this orchid from my mom a longer time a go and was about to throw it away. I however saved a good piece of it and let it root in water the whole summer of 2022. Now, it is planted in soil and has grown a little bit. I´m very curious about this one and very excited to see it bloom one day. This is the only orchid (besides my terrarium) I have which isn`t a Phalaenopsis. (most common)

Status: alive

Monstera adansonii (Monkey Leaf)

Vodka is my very first Monkey Leaf Monstera. (I have no idea why I named it Vodka) I always loved that kind of plant and wanted to get my hands on one. I found this amazing shop where they´re selling specific plants in water bowls, which I´m a huge fan of as well.+ It´s way harder to kill them at way. Vodka has a special place right next to my bed.

Status: alive

Phlebodium aureum ("Blue Star")

Gezupsel is another new family member, which I had my eye on for a little while now. The leaves have a slighly blue hue to them. He has gotten a very funny name..(funny german name) It basically means it´s a plant that is wild, growing all over the place, kinda like weed or grass. It´s kinda a mean name actually. Kinda like something that you´d pull out because you don´t like it.

Gezupsel is a fern, more specifically a gold truffle fern.

Status: smol but growing back

Jewel Orchid (Macodes Petola)

Flora is currently my favorite baby. A lovely young plant in a huge terrarium. The terrarium helps with humidity and, obviously it looks cool as hell. Flora is my very first jewel orchid and I hope I won´t kill her. I always do reseach whenever getting a new plant but sometimes.. It´s still hard to keep them in good shape.

Jewel Orchids are known for their beautiful leaves, rather than their flowers, which is also the reason why you can barely find any seller who sells them with flowers. They´re kinda unimportant. However, yes, these orchids bloom! My species will have red-brownish coloration with a bit of white. You can take a look here on someones reddit post.

Status: alive

Orchid (Phalaenopsis)

Blue is my very first and oldest orchid I got as a gift years back! He´s also the only orchid I have which grows flowers all year long (10cm chonky bois). Blue got his name because of the blue flowers he used to have. He was dyed when bought.

Status: alive

Orchid (Phalaenopsis)

Birdy is my newest orchid I just got not too long a go. Has lovely pink flowers, which are a little smaller compared to Blue but they´re both the same kind of orchid.

Status: alive

Orchid (Phalaenopsis)

Lazlo was not my plant but now is. This orchid didn´t had flowers since years but is now having beautiful, huge flowers again.. <3

Status: alive

Orchid (Dendrobium)

Beans is a Berry Oda Orchid who has many little purple colored flowers. He´s blooming roughly once every year around autumn/winter time. Beans is a plant offshoots and quite young. Hasn´t had flowers so far.

Status: alive

Philodendron (Brasil)

Walley is one of my newest plants! Has green-yelloish coloring and is super healthy. And I hope it stays that way. He´s currently one of my favorite plants and I love watching him grow. New leaves are comming out everywhere. This plant won´t have flowers.

Status: dead

Musaceae (Banana Plant)

Update: unfortunately Damon didn´t make it.He´s now up in the clouds.

Damon is a banana plant which I now take care of. It´s not looking too well but I´m still giving him a chance. He is also getting a new leaf at the moment which doesn´t look too bad. Fingers crossed.

Status: alive

Agave (desert mix)

Spy is also an older plant which is growing very slowly. It´s some kind of mixed agave species. And quite spikey. The reason for his name is the way his leaves are growing. They´re kinda creating a tunnel and grow inside. Something could hide inside of him and spy 👀


Cactus Print (Aloe) on recycled paper...

Suncatcher Sticker. Put them on your windows and let the sun shine through...

Plants I still wanna get my hands on:

  • - Bird Of Paradise
  • - Phalaenopsis Big Singolo
  • - Alocasia Red Secret
  • - Aloë Vera
  • - Jewel Orchid
  • - Monkey Leaf
  • - Blue Star