Name: Annicka T.

Age: 14

Species: Human/Dragon

Gender: female [she/her]

Orientation: straight

Birthday: 27.02


Becky's little sister, quite protective and sees problems in pretty much any situation. Its hard for her to stay calm and trust people. Used to be much worse in the past, and got better over time since her sister met her partner.

IZ score: 75.493


Annicka was always the type of person who protects the ones she loves and cares about. Any stranger is a thread basically. She is very smart and quick with her actions. Doesn't overthink decisions most of the time and is very 'straight to the point'. Quite often, she also doesn't care too much about other peoples feelings and can come across as rude or harsh. She has built up this "shield" to stay untouchable and strong.

Annicka was always very careing and kind to her Sister Rebecka. But also shows this behaviour trowards other people today. Especially their inner family/friend circle.


Just like her older sister Rebecka, Annicka was born into a popular rich family who are known to be "high animals" and a family you don't want to mess with. Annicka started to copy this kind of behaviour already at a very young age, which formed her personality and the way she sees things quite a lot. She often struggled way too much with her feelings and even when the smallest mistakes happened, she started to freak out.

Her parents told her to take care of her sister and not to let anyone near her. They cared much more about the wellbeing and safety of her older daughter and Annicka was often in the background. But she did what she was told. After her parents moved out to their long journey to the moon, Annicka and Rebecka were left behind and had to survive on their own. But Lui's parents, Anna and Fred took care of the two and often visit them. Annicka was quite happy about this, she didn't had to do everything alone.


Lui and Annicka are best friends today. She trusts him fully and loves to spend time with him. Annicka is very happy about the relationship between him and her sister. Lui is such a careing guy and he would never leave her or her sister alone. Annicka also opens up to Lui most, compared to other people around her. She often sees him as some kind of older brother.


Rebecka, Annickas sister and her have a very close and long connection. They only had each other after all. Thier parents are strict and she could never talk to them about her issues. Rebecka was always there for her. Today, the two are still close. Sometimes they annoy each other but it's never very serious.


Feli, Lui and Rebeckas son and Anni are great friends. Feli and her are often on the same level and have similar opinions and views. Sometimes, however Feli is a little too energetic and Anni needs a break.

Fred and Anna

Lui's Parents are very close to Annickas and Rebeckas parents and for that reason very connected to Annicka as well. Fred and Anna see her has the weak little girl that can't protect herself and for that reason are always making sure Annicka is okay.

Max and Anna

Annicka was always slighly ignored by their parents compared to her sister, which Annicka was and still is very happy about. Max and Anna aren't the most loveing and gentle indivituals and pretty strict parents who often don't even care or notice if Anni and her sister are broken and exhausted from the stress, popular image, and fasade they had to hold.

Because of her parents moon mission, they don't play a big role in her life anymore... until they will return...

Abilities & stuff..

reading minds Communicating through thoughts can shapeshift into dragon(s)

Annicka became a dragon & a god because of Rebecka, Becky's transformation affected her little sister too.

Dragon Form

She can turn into a pink-scaled dragon if she wishes, likes to fly around and travel. This was the first Chi she obtained.

Inferno Form

The inferno came after the dragon, see also evolved along with her sister. She'a a fire dragon with the ability to teleport. Is considered a god of high power.