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Welcome to my headworld. I´m able to form entire environments, stories & people in my head.. which is where most of my world is. In my head. But I also love to draw and write my world down... sometimes.

= written but off-site (Toyhou.se)
= on-site profile.
no star = Toyhou.se + not written

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The following don´t have any form of visible content yet...

  • Dorothy, Lui's Grandma
  • Markus, Crypto Alien
  • Felix, Lui's Brother
  • Niles, Doppelganger Villain
  • Brittney, Rebecka's Cousin
  • Max & Anna, Rebecka's Parents
  • Fred & Anna, Lui's Parents
  • Mr. Morthby (Peter), Teacher
  • Mrs. Nanny (Nancy), Teacher
  • Lukas, Bone turtle
  • Marius, Lupiton King & D's dad
  • Rebecka 2, Related to Lui/his parents
Q & A

Questions and Answers!

How did you start making your own characters?

From what I can remember It all started from watching series and playing Nintendo games as a kid, back in 2009, or even earlier. I always made different stories in my head with the characters in cartoon shows/games & how they could have a different story and ending than shown. Because often I disliked the ending or some aspects of it. From there I started to develop my very own "characters" that doesn´t exist in that show. And from there is developed more and more into something unique, rather than existing cartoon characters & universes. However, I didn´t knew what an "OC" was back then. I started to first get into the whole online and OC community and it´s meaning back in 2013.

In that time (2013) I started to draw Pikachu characters and feral dogs which I used as OCs publicly. And not ever did I showcase my very first, private "Ocs" (which you can see here now). I simply didn´t viewed them as such and felt insecure about sharing some secret world I´ve keept only for myself for such a long time. But since I did, I love them even more. And not only that but my artistic skills also heavily improved since then. Such as drawing humans and anthro anatomy.

Can I draw your characters?

Absolutely! You can! If you want to show me what you did, you can link to it in my guestbook, down in the comments here on this page, or simply contact me via email. You can also just doodle them privately.

Who has the most development?

It´s Lui, Hektor and Rebecka are very close behind. These 3 were the primary start of my whole universe and expanded from there.

Would you ever sell any of them?

No, N E V E R! Even my side characters are very dear to me and I have a very long and personal connection to very single one, even if I don´t use one or two for a bit. Selling them would basically force me to stop thinking about them/including them in my headworld. Which.. is weird.

Who drew them?

I designed and created every single one. On my Website here, I also only use artwork I have done, except for the comments below.

Where are your other characters?

If you followed me only from around 2014 to 2019 you probably don't know any of these characters I have now. That's because I just started illustrating them in late 2019 and decided to fully switch over to using them as my only public characters. The characters itself however aren't new at all. Well not to me, but to the public eye. So.. now where are your other characters? Privated. Or Sold. The ones which I still have are Aurora, FiFi and Hyria. Anyone else is in the process of selling or already gone. I have no use for them and no interest in keeping random designs. Aurora, Hyria and FiFi are an excepion. I keep them because of memories. And because I have a 600€ artdoll of Aurora. Definitely not going to get rid of it lol. And while I dont use them anymore, I still like them + they were all 3 connected with each other and I actually did some sort of story around them in the past.


I don't use the term "furry" for my animal characters. It feels very unfitting for their world & the characters don't label themselves as furries either, it's not even a thing there. The term "anthropomorphic" is used! Or just "people".

60% of my ocs still have no visible content nor are displayed anywhere. The main reason for this is that I never treated them as "OC's" or something I wanted to write/draw.

Not a single character has an "ending". One reason why I barely ever write detailed stories about them. I rather do a ton of scenarios about them aka daydreaming. The basics however, repeat. I don't make them different from ground up. You can kinda imagine it that way: you are you, but your life always goes into slighly different directions. For some a lot, for others not at all. I do that cuz it's fun, I can always reset stuff, nobody has to die forever. Well, unless I don't really have use for a character anymore. But this is very rare. And is also a reason why a ton of my characters fit into many things too. jobs, likes, dislikes, life sittuations and so on. I don't really use my ocs for a "story that has an ending and that's it then, finished".

Thinking about making short stories. In comic form perhaps. Of silly sittuations'n all.


Section where you can leave feedback and thoughts about my ocs! I will be using this as well to throw in updates, or artwork I received. This is ONLY for sharing fanart and actually related character feedback. Not about how cool the coding is. If you wanna comment on none character related things use my guestbook.

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