Original Characters

Welcome to my headworld. I´m able to form entire environments, stories & people in my head.. which is where most of my world is. In my head. But I also love to draw and write my world down... sometimes. ಠ◡ಠ

World pages are, like many others things still a work in progress! You can currently view everything except the dragon section. As well as a few other things I have planned for the future.

* grey icons lead to toyhou.se profiles, and have no actual profile yet

To Do

The following don´t have any form of visible content yet...

  • Dorothy, Lui's Grandma
  • Markus, Crypto Alien
  • Felix, Lui's Brother
  • Niles, Doppelganger Villain
  • Brittney, Rebecka's Cousin
  • Mrs. Nanny (Nancy), Teacher
  • Lukas, Bone turtle
  • Marius, Lupiton King & D's dad
  • Rebecka 2, Related to Lui/his parents

For sharing art or actual related character feedback. If you have any thoughts, I'd love to hear them! Spam and off topic comments will be deleted

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