Hi, you can call me Sky or Paula c: [she/her]
I´m 20+ & a self-taught artist from Europe!
I specialize in drawing original characters! I do both, sfw and nsfw art. My focus are anthros, ferals, dragons and humans. I draw a huge variety of things basically. ^w^
My favorite thing to draw however are my personal characters. They help me to deal with boredom and bring me the most joy. On some days I do nothing but art and daydreaming because it keeps me alive ┐(‘~`;)┌.

Quick Note About Graphics: Any graphic you see on my website is self made (other plps buttons and badges not included obv.) Borders, character art, decor, photos etc. And are not for free use/copy. One exception, are the video backgrounds. I get them from pexels and videezy. But a lot of them are from GamOl.

Last Status...
My "Identity"

The character I identify myself the most with online and offline is Lui. He´s a very very special comfort character and a figure I started developing way before I even got into social media. You will see me drawing him a lot, use him as my icon on sites and more. He is not my Sona however. I don´t really have interest in having one and every past attempt at making one ended up in a disconnect with the character. I simply love to use my comfort OC as my "representation" but he is not me. I use him to escape into a different world sometimes..daily. Along with many of my other characters.


oh look a ton of extra stuff. This mainly features a lot of my opinions, tips and everything I feel like sharing and writting down.
I kinda use this to dump information (besides my blog, where I talk more about recent, specific events.).

Artist Background..

From 2012/13-2015 I started drawing digitally for the first time using my Nintendo 3DS XL. Colors!3D was what mainly brought me into digital art and OCs. My first actual "OC" (that I labeled as such) was ChocoBii. I used to draw him so so often but unfortunately, I decided to delete most of the artwork back then. I went under the name "RainyBii" for a short time until I found my new and permanent name "Skykristal" which I identify myself with.

Back in 2015-2018 I was a traditional artist with my focus on fanart and cute chibi critters for the most part for a few years under the name skydiamond_art. (You might have seen my work before) Later then changed back to what I did before, digital OC art! At one point I completely lost interest in both, traditional drawing and fanart and spent my time drawing my own creations again which is one of my favorite things to do til today.

At some point, I started to notice that there´s a market for commissions and YCH which was something I was very interested in. Making money with what I love doing the most was always a dream for me. So, I started to slowly get into it. My start was everything but easy, but after a few years of struggling, I found my place and started to get noticed more, and got my first customers, which was super exciting. I´ve come a long way with my art journey and I´m very thankful for everyone who supported me and still does!

How I started (2012)

I have also drawn before this time, however It wasnt anything serious or something I still have photos of. PS: cringe.

Fav things to draw..

I enjoy drawing original Characters, backgrounds and story telling as well as working with galaxy themes & blue hues.

  • - Masculine characters
  • - Dragons & monsters
  • - Shirtless men ^^"
  • - Scenes

Least fav things to draw
  • - Sketches
  • - Anime
  • - Overly cute art

Working on...
  • Human anatomy
  • Complex Environments
  • Consistent style in semi realism

I´ve watched the following series or.. I´m still watching them today. These are tiny reviews.

The Walking dead (11 seasons)

I have watched TWD to season 11 episode 16. And I can´t wait to see the last 8. As far as I know they will be released in late 2022?

I just finished rewatching. I already did before in like 2018 and watched to season 8 or 9.. And it was my very first series that I watched and it´s what got me into watching series (like actual series, I have watched series before def. But it was never in order nor was I following any story line.) But this one was my start that got me interested in it.. Since then I became more of a series person rather than a movie person.

Now more about the series.. I liked it a lot. But I was hopeing for a few other things to happen which never ended up happening, but it´s a great story noneless. Though sometimes it was kinda bothering that nobody trusted nobody and the extreme aggressive behavior along with it. But in some cases they trusted a random person without problems??. Yea that kinda bothered me lol. I mean I get the no trust thing but sometimes it felt a little off.

Also, I can´t help but laugh at the sound effects when some head gets smashed in.🥬

Timeless (2 seasons)

I found this one very very addicting to watch & well made. Loved the story & the characters all fit quite nicely into everything. I cared about every single one and was currious what happens next. Might watch again sometime.

Lost (6 seasons)

One of my all time favorites I enjoy rewatching from time to time. And let´s not forget this song which won´t leave your head for a good week after watching.

Riverdale (6 seasons)

I´ve watched all 6 seasons and it was kinda meh. Not my favorite series to be honest. I found the overall story very poor and the characters & dialog not well made.. Some parts of the series were actually kinda enjoyable but with later seasons, it feelt more and more like a fever dream.

The Vampire Diaries (8 seasons)

aka the series I watched 20+ times. I´m honestly very tried of the series now after watching it so many times. But why did I do that? Right because I absolutely love this series. I know half the script from memory lmao. Season 4 and up are my favorite ones. Yea.. I´m a huge Delena shipper. No fights please.

Smallville (10 seasons)

Smallville is actually one of my favorite series of all time.. and I like how it´s 10 full seasons long. Now, most of it are filler episodes in my opinion. Especially the first few seasons (1-4) seem slighly repeatitve but it gets a lot more interesting in later seasons. I wouldn´t say you can ignore the first seasons though. They also tell important parts of the story and a lot of it is fun to watch.

The 100 (7 seasons)

The 100 is a series which I quite injoy for a bit, however I ended watching it after a few seasons ( I think season 4 or 5). It just became a little to agressive for me/ the characters personalities is what mainly drove me away. I find the overall story telling is not bad at all. But it´s not really my kind of series.

Supernatural (15 seasons)

Supernatural is one of these series I restarted a few times before finishing it. I always lost interest or wanted to watch something else instead. I think the issue is the massive amount of seasons. I´m someone who watches a series from start to finish before starting a different one, otherwise I forget the story quickly and I´m kinda lost. However Supernatural is a fantasic series in my opinion. And it has one of my favorite character combos. Seeing Dean, Samuel and Castiel fighting agast the evil was always very entertaining. I think the later seasons were my favorite ones in terms of story.

The current mood of Skykristal at www.imood.com
Fav Food

Noodles & Cheese

Fav Game


Fav Color




This entire website is coded from scratch, well that and with the use of a css framework. In my case, it´s bootstrap! Along with a couple of things I made myself. I´ve been coding since my DA days. Around 2015 or so? I tried doing html using tables back then. After that, never touched html again or even css. But a few years later, when I started using Toyhouse, I taught myself a lot more over time. Because I wanted to either edit or create layouts for my characters. Toyhouse runs on Bootstrap as well (an earlier version though) and because of that it has become the most comfortable for me.

Edit: as of 15.06.2022 I started using codepen to code. idk why I wasn´t thinking of that sooner. Though, the jumping after running the updates and not being able to search things is quite bothering. I´ll stick to that for now tho.

HTML and CSS are the only languages I have experience with. If you see anything else on my website, I either used a tutorial or premade scripts.

I code on my laptop using windows 11 & vivaldi. I however also check with other devices as well. (& linux + firefox.) If you still stumble across any errors, please let me know.

What do I draw with?

I was always an android tablet user. It´s the only thing I´m comfortable with since I got into digital art after the usage of my Nintendo. I upgraded to a Samsung Tab S7 (wifi) in the past. Which is my very first tablet that isn´t low range. + It comes with an S pen. A rubber pen stylus is awful compared to the S pen experience. Which is what I used for many years on older samsung tabs (I started with a Tab 4 (7.0) ) If you are also an android tab user and are looking for something, I can recommend the S7.

I use LayerpaintHD since roughly 8 years. I learned pretty much everything with it and have my own brushes and settings. I scrolled trough the playstore in search of a drawing program I could enjoy and somehow sticked to this one, which at the time I had never heard of before. I didn´t clicked with all the other programs which is why I haven´t sticked to any popular ones. (Fun fact: I used a ripped version of LayperpaintHD before actually buying the app back in 2018. I did because I couldn´t really afford anything at that time. Buying it is worth it! It still gets updated and new features and improvements get thrown out here and there.)
However I also use Ibis paint but only to make final touches such as filters and text, which my regular program does not offer (yet), unfortunately.
For Animations and everything that moves, I use either flipaclip, Ezgif or Motionleap (for effects). More rarely I also work with AnimeEffects for tween animations, I´m bad at it tho..

Fav brushes
- My favorite brush to sketch is just the regular pen
- Airbrush (at around 3-7px depending on canvas size) is my favorite brush for lineart. As it gives the lines a smoother look which I prefer.
- Hard watercolor brush is my absolute fav and most used brush. I do a lot of painting work / lineless. And even in lined art I use this brush to render as well. In mix with the "mix brush" to blend colors or create depth and shapes. By placing roughly where I want my lighting and shadows to be and start "mixing" it together. I generally use the mix brush more than applying the shading and lights normally. It usually gives a more cleaner, smoother look. Can be seen pretty well in clothing folds for example.

Pet Peeves

A list of things that bother me and I want to scream in the void.
Be aware that this section is filled with rants/negative things. If you don´t like that, move on 👌🏼

People not reading, then complaining they don´t understand or can´t follow the steps. Why is this so common? Why don´t you read first and then ask questions, not vice versa? And then even admitting you are just lazy/don´t want to. Can you tell me why I should help you in this case?
You want to draw the amazing ideas in your head but you suck too much at poses

Your tablet is dying on you because it looses battery faster than charging, and especailly if it happens when you draw & haven´t saved recently

Website landing pages. Unless you want to warn people about specific things, I just think they´re an annoying extra click. Especially those who include absolutely nothing but the word "enter". Whats the point? Don´t you want to welcome your visitors with a great homepage instead?

Effort doesn´t matter and is only eating you alive...

people starring at me like they want me to answer or talk to them every minute

"you don´t have a graphic tablet? wow" is feedback I got many times and it bothers me quite a bit. you dont need a 5000€ tablet to draw good content. The artist, skill and experience is what matters. No artist is bad because they´re using an android tablet or even a phone instead of the standard graphic tablet everyone expects you to have. (unless you are in some school where you get equipment you work with)

people not reading or being lazy with reading drives me insane. same goes for asking questions which are right there, but no instead of reading two lines you ask. My blood is boiling

people trying a little too hard to be cool or edgy or retro. To the point it seems like they just wanna follow trends and don´t even like it much. Gosh just be you.

90% of Netflix series. Thanks for removing many old series I love very much and instead making room for series that are 1 or 2 seasons long and then die. great job.

Family & people online only carring for my furry art and nothing else. See, I cant control what you like. But I want to attach people who like my other work more. The whole "aw cute art" feedback is annoying and not all I do. I absolutely enjoy drawing cute pieces here and there but It´s not what I love the most nor what I do the most, unless I draw for others aka commissions. I just wish to receive some interest on my other shit. But y´know even then, I can draw some badass monster dude and will still get the "aw cute you should draw for kid books" kind of response which I honestly don´t understand at all. I draw gore, blood, occationally adult content, fight scenes, ocs, world invironments. Well perhaps when family members show my work to others they only pick those cute artworks and zero semi realistic human/world/ personal etc work which could explain it ( I might be taking to them about that, calmly tho). Honestly if I would expose more of my world and private story telling I am 100% sure I would even get weird looks & not the same "aw cute" feedback anymore. The thing is, I don´t feel comfortable doing so. Some things should just stay private & for my own comfort alone. What I just wish is to receive some actual interest in my world work from people who care, not from those who don´t. If I draw some epic human dude, a fight scene, some world scene or gore I don´t want to hear how adorable and cute it is and that I would make an great kid content illustrator. You can say "cute" to my cute animals works, I don´t mind that, but if you don´t care for my other work, I´d just appreciate if you don´t say anything at all. It seems forced if you do as well. I even got told before how I force my other work on people. Excuse me but nobody is holding you at gun point right? Feel free to not look at my none furry/none cute artwork. I don´t even want any suport from you, I want it from those who are interested in it.

not finding the right words for what I wanna say. I constantly stutter and it´s getting on my nevers so damn much you have no idea

when empty promises are given to me. I have absolutely no issue if something comes up and you can´t make it. But if you repeatedly do this to me I have zero trust in you, and feel like you only want to push it away or lie to me whenever similar sittuations come up. I´m not your stupid little girl who belives everything. Perhabs I was in the past but too much happened for me to still be this naive.

do yourself a favor and don´t accept holds when selling. Most of the time when a person can not buy at this time, they likely have issues even getting the money to begin with. And it´s a risk, a waste of your time and can keep other potential buyers away for long amounts of time. I have not had a single hold experience that went well. You dont have the funds? don´t contact me. Are you sure about your purchase, are able to buy and have no regrets? contact me! Why would you buy something (a luxery item) when you don´t know if you can afford it to begin with? Heck I´m a stupid little loner with no life and even I know how to handle money.

people feeling the need to explain things to you in such a way that make you look stupid. I know how to use the bathroom, thanks

people assuming I am a furry/ or have a fursona. Saying "I" (the character I had) looks cute and that "I" have cute paws. This is more of a past pet peeve but It still bugs me till today. I never had a fursona, never felt like being part of this fandom nor do I identify myself with an animal character. Normal ocs exist guys, not every animal is a fursona. It especially bothered me because they simply put me in my character I had at that time and talked to me like that without even knowing me at all. Sometimes I even got angry over this. I didn´t wanted to but it just came out. Sometimes I could cover it, sometimes not. Well, overall talking to furries is very weird and stressful. And, no I don´t hate furries in general. I just dislike sittuations like that and how "everybody has to be like this".

when my plants suddenly die without saying anything. what did I do? hello? if I do any more research on all these 3739433 species my head will explode

When all my devices deceide to have an empty battery at the same time. I only have 2 charging cables ffs. I need my phone to watch vids and my tab to draw... and my switch to play and and and and... Note to myself: buy new cables again.


Animal Crossing
Art (drawing, crafting, music etc)
Dragons (mainly anthro)
Side cut hair styles 😫
Watching series/movies


Most fandoms, I´m generally barely into anything and have no opinion
Controversial Youtubers. Drama can be entertaining but I don´t care much about fights
Art Youtubers + animation community


Majority of popular "Influencers"
Art Mainstream
Extreme clutter on websites
F4F (follow for follow) aka no genuine interest in content and only following because they follow me. Not my thing, never was
Pure Vanilla (in things like milk or ice cream)

My Website Tips

I´m not a pro but here are a few things that I personally think are a good idea. I mean, sure, everyone can built a page but not every page is a good page. So if you want, continue reading about what I like to do and think. c:


First, let´s talk about menus. Something that I personally find very painful are menus which don´t look like menus. For example they are images or you have to reveal the menu by clicking on a random graphic. Nothing about this screams "menu" to me. You can still make a great and creative menu that is actually a menu. Make a list, cool buttons, decorate the buttons, make images (images that actually tell you what you are clicking on) and so on. Especially a very cuttered site is very hard to navigate. And if you have no clear menu, it´s even worse. Old webdesign or not, a bad menu is never a great experience.

I´d also personally recommend to make your menu unscrollable. Keep it simple, but at the same time, make it clear and not too tiny in (font-)size. If you have multiple sub pages, either link to them on the related sites, or make drop downs and the like. This is much better to navigate rather than a sidebar with 40 links squished in the corner which you have to scroll through. But most importantly, have a sitemap. Sitemaps are a livesaver and I personally use them a lot on other peoples sites because they are much more easy to use if I wanna find something real quick.- Side note to that: Sitemaps: give them a lttle bit of structure. Specify what´s a main site, what´s a sub site. Play around with margins and font sizes. 50 links underneath each other with no variation are a bad design choice.

Responsive Design

People visit the web on all kinds of devices. Small screens, big screens, tiny screens. Let me tell you that the most annoying thing are websites that are unresponsive. And that goes both ways. A site that is not meant for mobile or a site that looks redicilously large and empty on desktop. Sites on which you can still navigate through, drag your screen around, zoom in and out etc are pretty okay. But if parts are literally cut and unreachable, it becomes a huge problem.

Building a responsive design can be tricky. That´s why frameworks exist too. Use them if you don´t know what you are doing. Your site will become much more compatible with the right styles. (which is what frameworks are, pre build styles/tags). You can also learn a lot from them if you take the styles appart, look up their source codes and so on.


A nice layout is important. Be creative, go out of your comfort zone. Give it variety. For example, on my about page here you will notice how I don´t keep the same structure for every section I talk about. My interests have a row consisting of 3 containers. My about me at the top has a text box, an image text to it. My identity section is the same but reverse. Making things more dynamic that way. However, it of course depends on your theme. How simple or complex you want it to be. But in any case, a creative layout is always good and yep, often the most difficult to code. But in general I would say trying not to keep your site too "repetitive" is important. You have some textwall on the right? Make your next text wall on the left, put a nice graphic on the other side, a header etc. etc.


If you wanna add fancy fonts and have more than 3 lines of text, make sure not only you but others can read it as well. Unless you don´t care about if someone reads your content. Font size as well as line height are very important. I stopped counting how many times I couldn´t read someone's blog, or even just someone's short content warning because the font was 1) completely unreadable, or so painful that it took 4 hours to read a sentece and/or 2) had zero gap between the lines and had letters almost overlapping on top of each other.

Often it´s best to not touch the line height at all and leave it the way it is, instead of messing things up too much. Either use regular fonts or fancy ones which have different widths, heights, can appear quite funky, learn and teach yourself more about web design in this category. For some a little bit of styling is needed in order to make them work.


When I first started coding, I wasn´t thinking about that at all, ever. But keep your images small in size. Otherwise it will get pretty awful. Your site might load quick on your end, but probably not for others. My own site is not perfect as well. I have an art and image heavy site after all, but I try to keep things small but still in ok-good quality. The most common issue I see are galleries. Galleries with no thumbnails. CREATE THUMBNAILS (200px x 200px for example) and link to the bigger resolution (in any way you want. The most simple way is opening in a new tab). Don´t let 40 6MB huge images load, even one is bad. I personally try to keep every single graphic under 1MB. Most decor is even just a few kb big. With one exception being the videos.. I can not resize them too much, unless I want a fresh pixel salad.

When you wanna have full background images and no repeating small pattern, make them smaller in size. I personally turn my normal pngs/jpg's into 8bit/10bit etc. graphics. (paint.net has such a feature for example, when you export png) this reduces the file size heavily and doesn't looks too bad. Kinda cool/old in a way.

Cut out your images with care. No random huge stripes or dots flying around because your eraser couldn´t get them. Here is a tip if you struggle with that. Put a white/black extra background color layer behind so you know what it looks like before you export. You can also use the select tool/magic wand to see if there are any spots that shouldn't be there. Also when it comes to graphics either make your own, or find a set of graphics to use. Taking graphics from everywhere on the internet will look all over the place. No style consistency and most likely clutter. I know, gifs are cool but they can be used wrong as well as any other graphic.


The following are tiny "personal prefereces" but I'd still love to mention them as I feel like a lot of these can improve the overall feel of a site.

Dashed borders and Dotted borders are one of these design elements that I feel like don´t work well in a lot of cases. Dashed borders are something I used a ton myself in the past. Especially in combination with intense box shadows. If you want to make regular borders on your boxes, use solid or no color. Or if you wanna be cool, use border images. They are more fancy. But dashed/dotted borders are often pretty off putting, at least to me.

However they can work well for things like dividers.

cool huh?
hm maybe a little less agressive?

As you can see, it looks pretty decent for dividers. Maybe even better if you have a light theme site. As I feel like these often give off a paper-like feel. Like a sketchbook or journal line.

Border Radius

Have a consistend border radius on your site. One box shouldn´t have 40px and the other 4px. A few different sizes can work if done right, but in a lot of cases, it makes the whole page very weird looking. Like someone just threw a bunch of code together from muliple sites. Our local fireworkers report website for example has had this issue. (they redesigned it now but it still looks terrible lol)


Do you have pastel pink text on pastel yellow background? or light blue text on light green background? bad idea. The contrast is simply not high enough here. Not only that but the colors don´t compliment each other as well.. they are biting. I see this issue most commonly with pastel themes but it can also be the other way around. Like this disaster, or this one. You can also use sites like this if you stuggle.

My Art Tips

Please remember these are my opinions. Not everything I say or think is the only way to think. okay let's go.


Variety in art is something I never really thought about in the past. And now it's so important to me. It would even be important to me if I wouldn't share my work online actually. But wait what do I mean with "Variety"?

I want you to look at two different collages I did. (my art is used here for demonstration)

Who I drew there is unimportant. I want you to look at is what the character's on each image are doing. Which collage do you personally think has more variety, 1 or 2?

The first one only has portraits. The second one however features different poses and different level details. Fullbodies, poses, even story telling. Well, not everyone likes to draw the same stuff obviously. Someone might love portraits the most and another person likes drawing stick figures. But let's say you kinda draw similar stuff to what I do. And I definetely see that a lot, I seem to notice a pattern of people being too repetitive, and people who ask for advise on their work often get this tip from me as well. Because trying different things and building a more interesting portfolio is just so much more fun than constantly drawing the character's head facing left or right. You can make a character so much for interesting that way as well. Even if you are bad at poses. It doesn't have to be perfect.

If I start a new piece, my first thought is: "I want it to be unique and cool looking". And when I do that, I don't pressure myself at all with it. It´s more fun than anything else. With something challenging and creative, I know I will like the result and the background behind the artwork A LOT more after, rather than drawing the same face again for the 394759393th time because I don't step out of my comfort zone or put in much effort. If you haven't considered this before, try it out. Perhaps you will be way happier with your work and gallery.

Shading / Rendering

Shading can be a tricky thing. And often, it can even ruin the piece instead of improving it. What you use and how you use specific techniques is what makes bad and good shading. I often see hate on airbrush shading. But in almost all my work is airbrush shading. Did you know that? Airbrush shading can be used wrong, I have seen in thousands of times. Practice makes perfect. The most important thing is knowing how to place it. The most common issue I see when airbrush shading was used is placing the shading too intense and along the outlines of the whole character figure instead of paying attention to the light source. This often gives a dark,dirty look rather than nicely done shadows. The same goes for not making it smooth enough / being too messy with it. Celshading on the other hand is often the more simple, less bad solution for many. I myself use it, but never without the mix of airbrush. Mixed shading techniques is something that really makes my art look good. If I wouldn't do it the way I do it or leave out a few steps, I can say for sure it would look terrible, haha. If you are currious how I go about my work > flat color > airbrush shading > celshading/often more painterly > lighting > highlights/detail > coloring outlines(if any) > filters such as noise/ very gentle gradient on top for perfect mood > done.

Not caring

Huh? not caring? Yea! Most small oppsies aren't important. The stuff you only see when you zoom in to max. (Altought I tend to fix even the tiniest unnecessary detail which is such a annoying habit lol). However things like white spots because the bucket tool hasn`t filled everything, are kinda a thorn in my eye. It takes two seconds to fill that 3 white spots in and it would look so much better too.

Not connecting lines (unless it`s nice and loose on purpose), wobbly lines or overlapping lines which should be ereased. No line variation, no smooth ends. Pretty much any app has a few line settings. You can get a much cooler pen for your lines if you mess around a bit.


I wanted to give paintings it`s own section to talk about. Paintings are one of my favorite things to do (for years now) and whenever new peps are trying to paint. I often see the same repeating issues, which I used to do as well.

I´ll use furries here to explain, especially fur is something I see poorly drawn and all over the place very often, humans not so much. So, I want you to look at this old icon from 2016, as well as this little umbreon. These were mainly my beginings with making lineness artwork.

It´s save to say, this is ugly af. At that time, I loved it. Now, I want to scream. The fur just looks flat and has no detail at all. The eyes have no depth and stare at nothing, the shading isn`t right and close to none existing. The shape of the eyes and tongue are wonky and not smooth.

Now I want you to look at this cute chibi one, which has a similar face structure. (crop from a 2022 piece). The texture is there, the shading and depth as well. What I have done different? Practice and patience. Looking to improve my own mistakes, learning from other artworks as well.

This kind of improvement does not happen overnight. Paintings are a very complicated thing to learn, and especially if done messy can end up pretty uneven or flat. But if you got the hang on it, it`s very fun to do. My number one tip for painting fur ( or painting in general) is finding the right brush(es) for it. I personally don't use custom fur brushes. I paint each individual stroke by hand. I simply like it more and can control the fur and flow a lot more. I love using my wet watercolor brush with fade in-out ends which mixes slighly to paint the fur strokes. NO other brush I messed around with ever gave me a better result.

I use pretty much the same technique in human art, or hair and clothing. Working with watercolors. Putting in some depth, contrast and texture. For things like grass. clouds, leaves, I even use custom brushes sometimes and try to let them fit in with the rest. I tend to not use custom brushes too much tho, because it often gives off a copy paste look, which I personally feel like looks very unbalanced and "unfinished".

Often, I´m not too sure how to explain in depth but maybe these few lines of text were cool :'D.