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you can call me Sky or Paula c: [she/her]
I´m a digital artist from Europe and specialize in drawing original characters! I do both, sfw and sometimes nsfw art. My focus are humans, monsters and dragons for the most part. But when doing commissions I get to draw animals often.
My favorite thing to draw are my personal characters. They help me and bring me the most joy. On some days I do nothing but art and daydreaming because it keeps me alive ┐(‘~`;)┌.

Graphics: Any graphic (with the exception for things like stamps, buttons) you see on my site is self made! The background texture is not mine. It's from transparenttextures


The character(s) I identify myself the most with online and offline are Lui & Bee. Very special comfort characters and figures I started developing way before I even got into social media. You will see me drawing them a lot, use them as my icon on sites and more. They aren't my Sonas. I don´t really have interest in this term/ in having one and every past attempt at making one ended up in a disconnect with the sona soon after. I love to use my comfort OCs as my "online representation" but they are not me. In fact, they barely have anything in common with me when you read about them besides a couple personality traits and hobbies. I relate to them in personal, very specific ways only I really understand tbh. I use them to escape into a different world sometimes..daily. Along with maaaany of my other characters. They all are connected after all.

What do I draw with?

I got myself a Samsung Tab S7 (wifi) + S pen. If you are also an android tab user and are looking for something, I can recommend the S7. Its pretty cool for drawing (and many other tasks too).

I use LayerpaintHD since roughly 8-9 years now. Fun fact: I used a ripped version of LayperpaintHD before actually buying the app back in 2018. Sadly now, its end of dev, but it still has all the important featured I need at this state now.
I also use Ibis paint but only to make final touches such as filters and text, which my regular program does not offer, unfortunately. For (very very rare) Animations and everything that moves, I use Flipaclip, Ezgif and AnimeEffects.

Artist Background

I was always into art, since I can remember I doodled or traced something from magazines back then.

In 2012/13-2015 I started drawing digitally for the first time using my Nintendo 3DS XL. Colors!3D was what mainly brought me into digital art and OCs. My first actual "OC" (that I labeled as such) was Rainybii, my "persona". I used to draw her often but unfortunately, I decided to delete most of the artwork back then. I went under the same name for a short time until I found my new name "Skykristal" which I identify myself with.

For a short time, 2015-2018 I was a 100% traditional artist with my focus on fanart and cute chibi critters for the most part under the name skydiamond_art. (You might have seen my work before. I was quite popular with these) Later then changed back to what I did before, digital OC art! At one point I lost interest in both, creaating traditional pencil drawings, fanart and spent my time drawing my own creations again which is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

At some point, I started to notice that there´s a market for commissions which was something I was very interested in. Making money with what I love doing the most was always a dream for me. I´m very thankful for everyone who supported me and still does, especially after my massive content switch from chibi to semi-realism and much less baby-stuff! Not many do, but the ones who do are incredible. I appreciate all of you.



I´ve watched the following series or.. I´m still watching them today. These are tiny reviews. I watch every series in german, not english.

back to 15 (2 seasons)

Silly, but really fun series. Reminds me of the nickelodeon-type-of-live-action-series for some reason. (I never liked them). Well but as you can already see by the rating, I love it. When I first started watching it I wasn't sure if its my kind of series tbh. The vibe, the voices.. yeah.. However after a couple episodes, I wasn't feeling that off about it anymore, it was going more into directions I like.

Its another of these time-travel series that I really love. The story is nothing new, but it's entertaining. Very exited for season 3! When I watched it at first, I thought season 2 was the end lol.

Outlander (8 seasons)

Oh my gosh, incredible series with great development!

Now, I will say, its not for everyone. A few episodes are 18+ for good reasons. But this kind of stuff is more my thing anyway, even I have my limits though lol.

Outlander features my absolute favorite theme: Timetravel! This is not something I enjoy in every case however, if a series stinks, it stinks. But they nailed it. Fantastic series filled with brilliant moments! I can't wait to watch the 2nd half of the 8 season. Its not out here yet.

The Last Of Us (1 season)

Very very well made! I never played The Last Of Us myself. I only watched part of a Let's play and that was.. öhh 7 years or so a go? But I knew briefly what this series will be about. It was super fun to watch, story is of corse awesome too. I like how the primary focus are relationships, family, survival and less of empty monster shooting all the time. This is something I often quite dislike in series with a similar genre. In The Last Of Us, I felt like it was very balanced and for that reason also much more fascinating. I will definitely be watching future seasons too!

Lucifer (6 seasons)

From start to finish.. this is a master piece! I am glad I never watched it before, because now I had all seasons complete to watch and enjoy. ( I hate waiting for more seasons more than anything else, that, or the series is canceled) It says a lot when I finish watching and right after, watch all seasons again. It's been a while since I did this with a series, but this one was so good, I had to.

However, Lucifer made me pretty emotional.. in a good-bad way. Series in that genre always get me pretty bad mentally... and because the actors did such an amazing job, it was even harder not to cry lol.

Also a big 10000/10 for the music used in this series! Spot on.

The Walking dead (11 seasons)

Update: Finally watched the final episodes and honestly.. the ending was bad. I mean sure, they somehow had to come to an end but I was expecting something more... finished? It wasn't anything outstanding or something that really "ended" it all. I'm going to watch some of the spin offs however. I'm curious about what has/ will happen to Rick. Its a shame he didn't make an actual come back in the main series. I was hoping for this but already stumbled across the news that it won't be the case a few months back.

I have watched TWD to season 11 episode 16. And I can´t wait to see the last 8. As far as I know they will be released in late 2022?

I just finished rewatching. I already did before in like 2018 and watched to season 8 or 9.. And it was my very first series that I watched and it´s what got me into watching series (like actual series, I have watched series before def. But it was never in order nor was I following any story line.) But this one was my start that got me interested in it.. Since then I became more of a series person rather than a movie person.

Now more about the series.. I liked it a lot. But I was hopeing for a few other things to happen which never ended up happening, but it´s a great story noneless. Though sometimes it was kinda bothering that nobody trusted nobody and the extreme aggressive behavior along with it. But in some cases they trusted a random person without problems??. Yea that kinda bothered me lol. I mean I get the no trust thing but sometimes it felt a little off.

Also, I can´t help but laugh at the sound effects when some head gets smashed in.🥬

Timeless (2 seasons)

I found this one very very addicting to watch & well made. Loved the story & the characters all fit quite nicely into everything. I cared about every single one and was currious what happens next. Might watch again sometime.

Teen Wolf (6 Seasons)

I've watched this one a couple of times now. Especially the later seasons are cool. The first make me laugh a bit. Not in a "bad series" way but how they play the werewolves is a bit trashy/funny? However not in a way that makes me not enjoy the series as a whole. It's just.. the way they run on all four sometimes xD was a pretty silly concept. As a full animal, this makes more sense, but as a human? A bit laughable.

That aside, I'm loving the characters. Especially Stiles is one of my favorites. I love his silly personality and how he always runs into trouble and acts funky. Generally, I feel like this series got much much more quality over time. Seasons 3-6 are my favorites! Especially with the hate-to-friend relationship between Scott and Christopher as well as a couple other things. I remember watching it for the first time, not knowing if It would be worth watching more of it, but it was totally worth it!

Also, can we talk about the intro? One of my favorite intros of all time tbh

Lost (6 seasons)

One of my all time favorites I enjoy rewatching from time to time. And let´s not forget this song which won´t leave your head for a good week after watching.

Riverdale (6 seasons)

I´ve watched all 6 seasons and it was kinda meh. Not my favorite series to be honest. I found the overall story very poor and the characters & dialog not well made.. Some parts of the series were actually kinda enjoyable but with later seasons, it feelt more and more like a fever dream.

The Vampire Diaries (8 seasons)

aka the series I watched 20+ times. I´m honestly very tried of the series now after watching it so many times. I know half the script from memory. Season 4 and up are my favorite ones. Yea.. I´m a huge Delena shipper. No fights please.

Smallville (10 seasons)

Smallville is actually one of my favorite series of all time.. and I like how it´s 10 full seasons long. Now, most of it are filler episodes in my opinion. Especially the first few seasons (1-4) seem slighly repeatitve but it gets a lot more interesting in later seasons. I wouldn´t say you can ignore the first seasons though. They also tell important parts of the story and a lot of it is fun to watch.

The 100 (7 seasons)

The 100 is a series which I quite injoy for a bit, however I ended watching it after a few seasons ( I think season 4 or 5). It just became a little to agressive for me/ the characters personalities is what mainly drove me away. I find the overall story telling is not bad at all. But it´s not really my kind of series.

Supernatural (15 seasons)

Supernatural is one of these series I restarted a few times before finishing it. I always lost interest or wanted to watch something else instead. I think the issue is the massive amount of seasons. I´m someone who watches a series from start to finish before starting a different one, otherwise I forget the story quickly and I´m kinda lost. However Supernatural is a fantastic series in my opinion. And it has one of my favorite character combos. Seeing Dean, Samuel and Castiel fighting agast the evil was always very entertaining. I think the later seasons were my favorite ones in terms of story.