Welcome to my gallery, this site does not feature nearly everything I do, But I good chunk of some of my favorites! You can visit the archive in the top right corner as well. It's my old wix site, which I can no longer add any art to due to storage.

Digital paintings and Illustrations

My regular artwork & main activity! This section primarily shows art of my OCs,
and less of commissioned work. Feel free to visit my furaffinity for that.



rebecka chill game evening plant lovers Fight kiss spike inferno full weapon green inferno Sleepy Lui Niche Background massive group inferno action golden challenge niche crystal cave dee chilling


becky with dragon wings snowstorm cute water scene artfight piece lui scream rainbow beam scene fight me bitch fire all forms bubble fight blue hair guy funko pop custom orion dont worry little one becky jack o pose

not safe for work (18+)

Character Reference Sheets

Gallery displaying original character references! A character "reference sheet" is
made for artists to be used to draw the character. I, however mainly draw ref sheets just for myself. They're cool.

My Photos

Taking pictures is a huge hobby for me as well! I especially love macro and seeing a lot of detail. I take pictures with my phone! Past photos were taken with Xiaomi MI Mix 3, recent photos are taking with Xiaomi 12T! (they have a watermark)

My Craft Projects

In here is everything I crafted and put together. Figures, building projects and a bunch of other stuff. The majority of this right now is of crafts I did related to now retired characters. (the ones below the line) Everything above the line is recent work or not related to anything.