Name: Bully

Age: ?

Species: Anglerfish

Gender: male [he/him]

Height: 2 meters

Create year: 2010

Friendly big anglerfish who´s swimming around near the deep ocean ground at the cliff. You can rarely see him from land but if you swim deep enough, eventually he will cross your way. His home is an underwater cave which you can find if you follow a hidden tunnel.

IZ score: 5


Bully is a very friendly individual who wishes no harm toward anyone, although his appearance suggests otherwise. In fact, he is very funny, silly and lightheaded. At first glace, you'd definitely not expect that, eh?

He's very caring and jumps into action at the right times quite often, which is giving him a lot of confidence as well. Silly.. and confident. These two don't mix up too well. Because he is silly, not all his actions are very thought out, which results in a lot of trouble here and there. It's also hard for him to shut up, he just needs to say what's on his mind all day long. Jokes, daydreams, worries, secrets.. he has to spit it all out. You better run.


Bully is the one who takes care of the ocean near Totmansdoll pretty much all day long. He's cleaning up the ocean floor, flips shells over and helps stuck critters to continue their path. He takes this job quite seriously and rarely takes a day off! Bully Can be lazy sometimes, but his work is very important to him.

He enjoys decorating and cleaning his cave as well. Its covered in colorful corals and pretty much everything he can find on his way. He also collected quite an impressive rock collection over the years and builds funky structures with them. He mainly does that next to his cave, where he is inside water, however. It's easier to balance the rocks.

  • nights
  • caves, huge cave systems
  • the silly glowing dudes swimming by
  • meeting others, humans included
  • being able to joke around
  • bright light
  • the color red
  • loneliness
  • Bully can breath on land for some time, and fly with his fins really fast. They flap like crazy.
  • He talks just like a human being, his voice is quite goofy though
  • He is huge, approximate 2 meters, and quite heavy. He's eating good too, but don't make fun of his shape, that's not nice.