Name: Fred

Age: old...

Species: Bone Turtle (God)

Gender: male [he/him]

Orientation: ?

Birthday: 15.08


Fred is an old bone turtle with the ability to turn into a gigantic white dragon. He´s a very high god, who´s living inside a crystal castle high up in the clouds, protected by a big barrier only high gods can enter. People also call him the "white dragon" or "the god of peace".


Fred is what many would call a "gentle giant". He´s very calm & quiet when he talks, which might also have something to do with his age. Fred often just wants to be left alone and exist in peace & freedom. But whenever he get´s a visitor in his castle, he isn´t to unhappy about that either, and enjoys lttle small talks here and there. Fred can´t get angry that quickly and usually only shows his wild side when he is in protection mode. In sittuations like danger or fear.

Fred enjoys drinking tea a lot. It´s his speical mixture which he doesn´t share with everyone, only close friends.


While his bone turtle body seems quite brittle & dry, his dragon body on the other end seems a lot more young & strong. His scales are shiny & his hair is pretty long & clean.

Fred is an anthro turtle, meaning he walks on two legs. But is a feral eastern dragon (noodle) & walks on all four!

  • Sunsets
  • Silence
  • Tea
  • Friends/visitors
  • Napping
  • Screaming
  • Attention
  • Coffee
  • Lui being stupid
  • Getting interrupted
  • - Oldest bone turtle god living on planet earth
  • - Wiggles around when flying. Fred has no wings. His hair, fur & tail helps with the balance
  • - Is the owner of a very power weapon called "The Staff".
  • - Gets energy & strength from the white crystals which his whole home is covered with
  • - Always walks around as his real-boneturtle-self when he is at home, and usually becomes a dragon when he´s outside or traveling.

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transfoming into a dragon Flying Control of the staff Communicating through thoughts Telekinesis

Dragon Form