He/Him / Kind / Dad / 45

Don't be scared.. Fred is not a bad person in his normal every day life he's living, but he is not the one you would mess with up on the flying islands, in the past at least...

He's a very good dad, protective and loves his two sons with all his heart.


She/Her / Strict / Mom / 52

Always on edge.. Anna, Married to Fred, is a proud mother of two. She often spends her day watching TV, cooking and cleaning the house.

She is very strict, harsh and not very easy with her sons. There are lots of tabus and difficulties.

About - Background

Fred and Anna always lived in the little Village and also found pretty much all their connections and friends nearby. That alone made them stay there. That, and the fact that Fred is part of the Hidden World. The magical flying islands right above Totmansdoll. For a long time, Anna was completely unaware of it but later found out about all of this. To her, this was very scary and at first she wasn't buying it, but then realized this supernatural world was real.

Unlike Fred, Anna is a normie. Meaning she is fully human, and has no obtained chi, power or other magical ability. Because of that Fred is often worried she might run into dangerous situations because of him and his connection to the dark side of the Islands. Unlike Fred, Anna can get injured easily.

Fred's Dark side is a massive problem considering his son is the Golden Dragon. In short - the opposite of what he is. Fred is unaware of his son being part of the magical world in the first place, and can also not feel the existence of the golden dragon due to a ripped-out page in the Big Book, which erased the need to fight against each other until death. However, because of their bloodline, Lui's Golden existence caused the so-called "Imbalance", a crack in the universe. It's assumed the opposite energies caused this mess. Fred to this day is unaware of that, but his son tries to fix it.. somehow.

oldest son

youngest son

friend, they take care of her

old friend & neighbour

They know her as "Emma"

nice visitor along with Hektor

always visiting

Abilities & stuff.. [FRED]

shapeshift Flying Communicating through thoughts

Dark Dragon Form

Fred was born into being part of the "dark side" of the magical world, and obtained this chi at a pretty young age of 14 already. His dad taught him most things and made him connect to Luc, the leader of the black mamba (a big obsidian-like crystal).

His Chi is a one-of-a-kind. Just like Lui's Golden Dragon form. It only exists once in the world.

Dark x White Inferno Hybrid

A few years back, Lui, Fred's son changed his DNA by inserting syntetic Inferno chi DNA into his bloodstream, for his safety. Fred is completely unaware of this to this day. But if he ever gets injured badly, he will notice something is off. As the Dark Dragon he can die. As an Inferno however, he can't die that easiely.

To be able to transform into this, Fred needs to focus his power into it, which he can't do without being aware of it.

Fred looks either like a full white inferno, or a mixture of his Dark form and a white fire dragon combined. Haven't decided that yet. In some dreams he also transformed already, but idk how to go from there as of right now.

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