Name: Lui Tosdohl

Age: 25

Species: Human (God)

Gender: male [he/him]

Orientation: Bi

Birthday: 06. 10.


Lui is a fun, understanding guy who is hiding lots of secrets and abilities. Loves music, art and flying! He also has pretty dark humor and often goes a bit too far. He´s someone who loves to hang out with his friends and also his enemies in a kinda.. sarcastic way. Born as a complete normie , later then became a quite powerful and fearless, rich god, with lots of strengths and difficulties as well! Living his life is both, luxurious and exhausting.

Lui hides his real self from a big side of his family. Which is why he has two names. Luigi is his original name but not his real identity anymore!

Dress up!


Comms: 840€
Type: comfort/main
Create year: around 2009/10
Status: God

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He´s a pretty active guy who loves to make jokes, sarcasm, doing parties and throwing in some dark humor. Someone who likes to play with fire. You can´t hurt his feelings that easy, he has quite a hard shell you need to break first. Lui is also kind, gentle and a very trustful person who protects his loved ones with all his powers. Because of all the energy he has, as well as his life sittuation, he became quite fearless too. You better not cross his way at night if you aren't cool with him.


He used to be the one "left behind", someone you expect sitting alone in the corner at the bottom of the classroom. Not a very outstanding, loved or popular guy. He just did his thing, and is actually very good in school. He used to be very sensitive and shy- thought he was worthless, unwanted.But many years a go he changed drastically due to an unexpected event in his life. He met Becky, who is now his wife, and helps him to have a solid foundation in his life.

Now, when he´s with friends, his wife, his little boy Feli and a big part of his family, he a super active , chill and fun guy. He´s actually even pretty rude at times and very sacastic. They all take it easy tho. He has a chill family and community around him, which makes it even easier for him to make all his evil jokes without getting in trouble.

He also pays a lot attention to his looks and style, which wasnt always like that. Often he was afraid to try out something new, also because of his parents. But his girl Becky and her friends changed him over time. He can now enjoy his life more and his depression and fears he used to have are almost gone. But the other part of his family, specificaly his mom and dad don't know anything about his secrets at all, not even that he's married which gives him quite some anxiety sometimes and a few sleepless nights. He hides almost everything from them which he´s pretty good at actually. You could call him a pretty good liar. He´s been doing it for many years now without, or just with small troubles.

It´s easy for him to control his special powers, dragon abilities, flying in none dragon form, controlling fire , walking on water and air.

He also LOVES to sing. He was very afraid of doing it before he meet his love. Over 8 years of silence, due to a trauma which happened in kindergarden. When all kids were singing, his voice was pretty bad and horrible to the ears. They all laughed at him pretty badly. From that day he developed a HUGE fear of singing, wouldn´t even do it in the shower or on a huge fild. But now it´s his absolute favourite activity and he actually has a wonderful voice. It´s also something he is very proud of and it took away a lot of his fears.

Due to the huge love and kindness his wife gave him he got quite addicted to romantic/sexual activities. Mainly because he never really had something like this before , the feeling to be loved and cared about. He later then also developed a different orientation, even though it wasn't his intention at all. He´s bi and actually a bit in love with his doppelganger buddy Lucius, who is gay and totally in love with Lui since he first meet him. Which is quite strange to a lot of people, especially because they're doppelgangers and look almost identical. But the community respect that, even his wife does. They´re quite happy together actually.


Sometimes, Lui seems like a shy and introvert person from the outside and can actually hold this fasade fairy well. In reality he´s very confident and loves to show off what he has to offer. He wears his funky clothing with lots of neons and colors! Lifeless clothing isn´t really his cup of tea. In fact, he hates it which has something to do with what his mom forced to wear him all the time. Lui loves to dye his hair too and comes up with the most funny looks sometimes. He likes to party and sings quite often so his outsanding styles always fit in. However he isn't always the colorful party guy. He likes to be normal. On lazy days, family days and generally normal days where he isn't going out to rock the party. But if he is on stage, he hates to look like any other person in a way.

He often has a pretty chill and kind face expression and because of that he seems friendly and trustful to others. He always had this relaxed look since he was little. But if he wants he can literally be the opposite. If he isn´t happy about someone or something, it shows.

For some reason he loves to lean against walls, makes him feel more comfortable and it sometimes helps to make desicions.


  • Surprising his loved ones
  • Singing and music generally
  • Neon stuff
  • His freinds, family
  • Flying and fighting


  • Infinity/most of cryptons population
  • Boring days
  • The poor connection to his parents
  • People without humor
  • No food


  • producing music
  • filming & photography
  • Drawing/Art
  • Surfing
  • Fights


Born in Totmansdoll, Luigi´s home village, he grew up with lots of complications and struggles. Had good grades but that was pretty much it. School was important to him and something he focused on the most, to run away from his other problems mainly. Getting bullied was something he had to deal with every single day, and still deals with today, but it does not affect him anymore. Mike and his group were the ones who did this, often hit Luigi very hard and laughed about him. He was just weak to them. Weak and easy to kick around. It was so much fun for Mike and his friends to hurt him all the time. Luigi was a loser and never tried defending himself or fight back. It made him small, made him feel unloved and ugly.

His little brother Felix however was always a bright side in his life, taking good care of him and always spending their freetime together. Felix often tried to cheer him up when he was down. Most of the time Luigi was acting like everything was fine, but in reality, he was covering it.

What he didn´t knew at that time, his life would change forever. He connected to Rebecka! A girl who lived in Totmansdoll all her life as well. However Luigi and her never met. The reason for this? Luigi's parents!

Rebecka and her whole family are rich, popular worldwide and Becky isn´t allowed to talk to anyone but at the same time must find a partner which she will have lifelong and will have a bound to. This loving bound will also cause her partner to become "The golden dragon". Never did Luigi know that he would be the choosen one for this, which was the start of a huge everyday journey and turned him into the guy he is today. The popular, musically talented and quite outgoing guy with tons of friends. Thanks to Becky and her community, Lui is part of the big hidden magical world since many years. He knows everyone and everything up there. Checks if everything is safe and secure. Whenever it be aliens, dark auras or other monsters. He and his best friends Rowdig, Karly and his son Feli are always there to save the world. Literally.

Lui also works for a god called "Niche". He and Niche have a very similar strength, however Niche is a lot older and actually a much higher god. But Lui loves collecting Chi and experimenting with his abilities a little too much. Which caused him to "mutate" massively and turned him into a rainbow colored inferno beast. He and Niche also have a kinda strange relationship with each other, which developed slowly. Niche is unable to feel but Lui lowkey loves her, he however respects her a lot.


Time to info dump

  • His blue inferno jacket is his favorite piece of clothing. He made it himself together with Becky, Karly and Rodwig, who are wearing their own colors. Currently a rainbow version of this jacked is in the making. He already has the prototype but it still needs some improvements.
  • Has a store and sells products. Such as figures, prints of his artworks, originals and designs on shirts (yes, he is an artist. It's mainly a hobby though).
  • Lui got many mean & funny nicknames from Infinity. She likes to call him Tittimae, Mr. Miyagi, Mr. von und zu (probably even more, if I remember I'll write them down)
  • His favorite drink is skywater. It heals him but it also just tastes nice. Very refreshing.
  • Becky's parents moved to a mission on the moon. Lui loves to stalk them in their space station and documents their activities.
  • Lui has 3 doppelgangers. Lucius, Niles and Leonardo.
  • Anni, Rebecka's sister never hated Lui, not even at the very beginning. Usually she hates everyone and has no trust. Same for Becky's dog, Fluffy.
  • Lui taught Becky how to swim many years a go down at the beach.
  • He produces music. Music plays a very big role in his life (and it's something I close to never mention when writing about him for some reason). He loves to sing and does remixes very often. Also has his own studio. His music plays in the radio as well and he sells overpriced CD's.
  • He created, developed and built something called "The 16th generation". A quite unusual, very powerful music cube.
  • His headphones are made by him as well. He hates it if someone touches them
  • His necklace was gifted to him by Lucius. It brings him to Lucius's home. A planted called Crypton.
  • Lui has a very trusting nightfury friend called Toofy.
  • When he was still younger, Lui used to have a mole-rat looking creature pet named Sascha. He loved playing cards all the time and was able to speak. (I stopped including him in the world, he never died..or did he? I honestly don't remember what I did to him lmao).
  • Lui has a big secret labor in which he clones chis, creates new chis, clones gems and other magical elements. It called "labor of horror", as a joke.
  • The gem which Lui has on his wrist is a unique one of a kind and called "Aszendent" (I totally not loved and ripped that name when I heard it in TVD).


Details about him & his character



Fred & Anna, his parents! They raised and cared for him. None of them knows about Lui's life sittuation. He has a rather distant cconnection too them both but can fake his old life fairly well.

Rodwig, is one of Lui's best friends. When Rod was new to Totmansdoll, Lui get in contact with him first, which was pretty much a coincidence. Rod didn't know what was going on. Today, they both are pretty much always together, love to sing and make music.

Niche, Lui's Boss! He and Niche have a work-friend relationship and work together against the galaxy. Often, Niche is pretty done with him however as he constantly turns himself into a mess of big problems. Niche and he met when Lui got more and more powerful, which made Niche aware of his existence.

Annicka, Rebecka's sister, who isn't a very trustful person in general. However, she likes Lui a lot and is quite happy about his relationship with her sister. Anni likes opening up to him when she feels down. She can't trust many people in her life.

Nicole and Lui are best friends. They however, have a romantic past. Nici used to be in love with him for years and never talked about it. A couple of years a go however, she finally opened up, which lead to them both dating for a very short time behind Rebeckas back. Because of Rebeckas and Nicoles freindship, they ended this relationship. They're all cool with each other tough!

Infinity and Lui are enemies. She's part of the imbalance and here to kill him, which as it truns out, is harder and much more complicated than expected. Infinity just accepts this now and has mixed feelings towards Lui. "Killing" him on occation, especially in front of others is still a fun thing for her though! She does it primarily if she wants him to shut up for a minute. She also wants his death to be "epic". Her words, not mine.

Max & Anna, Rebeckas Parents, aren't really aware of him. But he is of them! Lui tries to avoid them at all costs and he also fears to introduce himself to them. In some stories, they met, and they both are cool with him and their daughter being bound. Outside of this reality however, Lui doesn't trust them and doesn't show himself.

I will write...

...more soon

*Sexual Content

He has no issues with blood, guts and other liquids. He enjoys to rip his enemies appart if he has to. Likes to make jokes and uses their heads as puppets somtimes. He especially loves making fun of Infinity that way.

Due to his powers people who are surrounded by him often die on accident. But he brings many victims back to life. He never purposefully kills innocent people, only aliens because well, they don't count (if you know, you know). If he does, he fixes the mistake quickly.

Lui x Lucius are bound. Meaning they feel the pain from the other. If bones are broken, the other will have the broken bone too. Same goes for loosing limbs, getting the head ripped off and more. But both heal, unless they got injured in a deadly way with the right tools.

Lui is mainly very outgoing and has high self-confidence. He loves to have control but sometimes prefers to give the control to his partner, depending on what he needs. He´s quite gentle and slow but he can be the opposite, too.

He does have a small fear of hurting his partner due to his abilities. While he has control over them, sometimes he relaxes or let's go too much, and looses his control for a second. Which can be a little painful when he suddendly turns into a dragon, with bodyparts that get bigger with it.


  • kisses
  • cuddles and quiet moments
  • sex
  • building weapons/ testing


  • Bound with Lucius, which causes pain
  • naked in front if his bf
  • being hit
  • quickies


Lui has two partners and is in an open relationship, married to Rebecka though!


lucius icon

Lucius and he weren´t always together. They used to be enemies who later then feel in love with each other over time.

They´re both pretty active and sexually positive. Lui is mainly sub and gives Lucius the most control, but Lucius also doesn´t give him any chance to change his position at all. He´s quite engaging.

While they both love being romantic, they don´t or rarely sleep next to each other and prefer to just have some fun at the end of a stressful or boring day.


rebecka icon

Becky and he have the longest love history. They care a lot about each other no matter what.

Lui and her often just love to cuddle but they also have a pretty active sex life. Lui is the more dominant here and enjoys to go in a bit more intense. At times they also love to continue as dragons instead which can escalate sometimes to the point they need to stop. He would, however, never purposely hurt or hit her in a harmful unloving way.

Lui has a couple of abilities which he explored and developed over time since he became a god..
Some abilities also vary and/or vanish depending on what kind of story I wanna do.

transfoming into dragon(s) Flying Control of fire, electricity and water Walking through objects for a very short time Communicating through thoughts Telekinesis Faking other peoples voices Teleportation (fire based) Manipulating night and day time Switching looks in under a second

He has around 385 different dragon forms, but he doesn't use a lot of them. "Chi" is what the dragon abilities are called. They´re glowing light balls that you put on your wrist to obtain their power. The gem which he has on his wrist allows him to obtain and keep many dragon-Chis in his body, or more specifically in his gem. They´re also the reason for his big detailed dragon marking! Normally a person can not have more than one chi at a time, it´s not biologically possible and leads to death for none gods. The few listed below are frequently used and are part of important milestones in his life.(might add more from time to time)

Dragon Marking

The marking on this arm is a reflection of his chi. The marking moves and chances. It never looks the same.(which makes it very fun to draw hehe). The dragons that are visible on it are mainly his main forms. such as red dragon, hot fire, golden dragon, white inferno and so on which are visible in different shapes too. The shapes and forms also depend on how he wants them to look. No limits. Because of his 300+ dragon chis, his marking can feature all kinds of dragons and colors.

Red Dragon

The dragon powers most people start with actually, they don´t have any special powers, except for breathing fire and flying of course. Flying with them is pretty slow and hard. When he first got into the magical world, he got this dragon chi (from who he got it depends on the story honestly. I always think about it different. Often it was Becky or Lukas) and started to explore the world with them.. And this form mainly features art of him when he first started being `different`. Still shy personality, affraid of mainy things and having very careful behavior. Perfect for me to draw none happy stuff lmao

Reference Sheet

> the most normal and boring form one could have. still cute tho.
> sad face expression is almost always there. As this form is from a past time where he still acted and felt different.
> rarely transforms into this dragon today. If he does it's to appear weak or to lie
> wears no cloths.
> Some details on his design are there to give him a little more detail. He's even more simple in my head.

run away redani pixel blep head fullbody from ref
Hot Fire

Hot and spicy! This flame is out of control. The huge fireball on the tail end can be used to attack. He can shoot it and it will explode by collision. It regenereates after a few seconds and he can do it again. He must be careful tho, everything he touches in this form will catch fire eventually. He goes kinda crazy when he transforms into this form. It changes his personality and behavior a lot due to the energy.

Reference sheet

> Is the only fire form he has which is hot instead of cold.
> Wears no cloths at all. I mean... the cloths would burn instantly.
> Can bearly touch anything. But metal and stone are pretty safe.
> He will not "die" or vanish in water. The fire will just continue to burn underwater. Strong winds aren't a problem either. But maybe for his surroundings.
> His voice is a little different. Kinda sounds like he's drunk.

fire portrait transparent head from refsheet nice pose from ref sheet anohter nice pose from ref sheet old page doll
Golden Dragon

Very powerful and rare. Since only one person in the entire world will be chosen to own them. Lui in this case! Flying is very easy and light. He can fly super high and can breathe in space. However, a few in the magical world want them and because of that, his life has become quite dangerous. But a lot of people don't know that, if they get in touch with this dragon chi and try to obtain it, they will die within seconds. The Golden Dragon Chi might not be the most powerful in existence but the most special. Only because of it, he was able to evolve a lot more later in his life. When he came together with Rebecka he became a fearless, shiny, golden scale and at the same time a god!

Reference sheet (sfw)

> wears cloths on occation but mainly nothing
> this is the form which is the most nsfw compared to his others. ( has nsfw art and also a nsfw ref, the others not)
> very golden and very shiney. might appear yellow or orange but y'know gold is not that easy to draw on a whole body. I would also slighly dislike a very real gold texture so he looks like that.
> has overall the most special meaning and is the most popular in books too.

happy pride month 2023 kisses goldpixel tshirt dragon couple dragon couple portrait golden water scene golden chibi golden fullbody from ref sheet
Blue Inferno

Dragon powers which he can teleport with and sort of turn into a glowing ball. None Gods can´t touch him and can just walk through him. His whole body is blue cold fire but not dangerous. Has the ability to breath white-blue fire pretty fast. He got this dragon chi later then, when he got closer and closer to Rebecka. Because of her, and her love to him, his powers evolved, which is very impressive, quite rare even.

Reference Sheet

> he appears feral in some older art, but he is anthro only.
> never wears cloths, sometimes accessories tho.
> Fire is cold
> None-gods can't touch him
> wings are tiny, not used to fly
> He floats, jumps and teleports
> Has no pattern on his body. This is just my way of illustrating his firey body. To give it a little bit of character, instead of only a flat blue color.

couple redraw singing for you blue inferno fullbody 2022 blue inferno clay figure blue inferno chilling blueani omg aaa style experiment hot lol yo cool pixel sticker 1 pixel sticker 2
White Inferno

Very similar to the blue inferno powers but its meaning is way different. Sometimes a white Inferno will become a "wise white dragon" one day! A big white dragon, living in a crystal castle high in the sky, protected with a magical barrier. Right now a bone turtle called Fred owns them! Many individuals fear them but also have high respect!

Reference Sheet

> pretty much all the facts about the blue inferno apply here as well
> Fully white appearance
> higher status in the magical world

white inferno weapons chibi magnet fullbody from refenrece sheet bust shot from reference sheet simple page doll
White Noodle

A very huge, white, scally dragon! He does not turn into this form alone. He and his doppelganger friend Lucius will merge together into this 300 meter long, gigantic noodle! They can fly very fast, breathe a white cold beam of fire and ice, and can also shoot fireballs at maximum speed. Very destructive. They probably have a bit too much fun with it ☠
Only one of the two has control over the body!

Reference sheet

> consists of two indivituals
> white scales have a very light rainbow shimmer in full sun
> very agile
> no cloths, no accessories

angry portrait pixel art fullbody from ref sheet pagedoll chibi pagedoll
Green Inferno

"Green Inferno" , also known as "Green Flame" is a combination of the pink and blue inferno. (Lui x Rebecka) If both merge, they become one and turn into a green firey dragon! One soul has control over the body. Mainly the stronger one of the two. Stronger mentally, not physical. Rebecka loves merging with her partner to combine their strength in a fight or danger. They can also easily seperate.

Reference Sheet

> pretty much everything about the blue inferno applies here as well
> Combination of two indivituals
> Only Pink and Blue Inferno are capable of doing this. No other one
> douple power
> One soul has control but their voices mix and can appear both at once. Especially if both have something to say or argue
> If hit hard, they seperate

halfbody split icon becky split icon Lui fullbody from ref headshot from ref
Rainbow Beam

Rainbow Beam or "Rainbow Inferno" is a special form which he developed just recently in his life due to having too much power. How exactly it developed is still is a pretty big mystery. This form is quite different compared to the other ones. He can turn into a rainbow colored fire dragon but can also create this exact form right next to him which he can control with his mind. Which is not an easy task. He still needs to learn a lot about this form and how to controll it´s power fully. "Rainbow Beam" is not a Chi you can obtain like the other ones. It´s a mysterious mutation which only Lui has access to.

Reference Sheet

> mutation, not a chi
> anthro! The only feral form is the noodle.
> random rainbow colors. They are quite wild and move around
> cold fire

rainbow portrait crystal icon rainbow flight little guy long chibi long-boi.png monster.png anthro-boi.png