Name: Niche

Age: ? (adult)

Species: Galaxy God

Gender: female [she/her]

Orientation: none

Birthday: 0.0.0000

One must keep an eye open and take care of all the little innocent indivituals. Some say a god doesn´t exist, but others know better.

Somewhere, in this pitch black, open area called space, exists a brave soul, trillions of years old, who takes care and watches over everything. Eventually, through a telescope you can take a look at this so mysterious, unknown being. But your chances might be close to zero. Her elegant, slim body vanishes and blends in fully with the dark environment.


Niche is very friendly and kind. She protects all life and wishes no harm towards anyone. When she feels her life is in danger however, she will defend herself with everything she has, as well as other gods and dragons who are fighting against any form of threats. Niche can easily tell who she can trust and who not, because of her senses and knowledge she has.. as well as her ability to see auras.


Niche is covered in beautiful soft, flawless skin. Which glows slighly if you touch it. Her skin is quite thick and not easy to cut! Her body and neck are elegant,slim and very agile! All galaxy parts on her body are slighly transparent, meaning you can look and even walk through her beautiful big wings and fin-like features. Niche changes color based on her state and emotions. If she feels angry/furious as well as in danger or defends herself, her fins , eyes and galaxy turns into a dangerous looking red. If she feels lonely, sad or tired, her colors change to a lifeless grey-white. Her natural/normal colors are ranging from pink to blue.


- Doesn´t eat but can eat
- stars on her fins and wings are loose and disconnect at fast movements, following her- no matter the distance
- the oldest known god
- Niche created the (1) universe, stars and galaxies
- hates daytime. Only comes down to earth at night