Funny / DJ / Singer

Age: 24

Species: Human

Gender: male [he/him]

Orientation: straight

Birthday: 16.11

IZ score: 154.083


Rodwig came to Totmansdoll a few years a go, wanting to start over and live a chill and cozy life in the little isolated village. He definitely wasn't prepared for the huge turn in his life. Today, he has to deal with supernatural dangers, thanks to Lui and his community. He and Lui became best friends and do pretty much everything together.

Rodwig is a huge music enjoyer! Occationally does music himself and sings together with his friends. He of course loves parties too and plays the DJ there sometimes! He's into rap and battle music and likes speedy songs most.


  • Loves to sing
  • Dreads are almost always covering his eyes
  • Lui's best friend
  • Runs into issues quite often

Abilities & stuff..

shapeshift Flying Communicating through thoughts

Untrue Inferno Form

This guy is on.. uhm fire? What is this, why is he so colorful? Well, Rodwig is an untrue inferno. A dragon chi made by human hand. Rodwig has pretty much the same abilities and strength an Inferno has but is not a god! He didn't envolve or was a different dragon at first.

Lui gifted that chi to his best friend! The chi is structured in a way his body can process it.