Active / Confident / Smart


Shine is the more active one of the two, he is VERY talkitive and awake. Loves to make jokes and is very prompt. Shine is very friendly and close to never has a bad mood. Or, perhaps he hides it in front of others.


Sleepy / Calm / Funny


Star is the more calm and quiet one. He prefers to be in the background, well, for the most part. Sometimes he can be pretty outgoing depending on the situation. But overall, he does not show as many emotions as Shine does.


Shine and Star are two small indivituals, flying around, delivering letters and newspapers to Totmansdoll and it´s residents. They´re both pretty funny and entertaining. It never gets boring when these two are around. Making silly jokes or bothering thier friends a little is also part of their hobbies. But apart from that, they both do a pretty good job and always deliver on point! You don´t have to worry about a letter getting lost, they´re very organized and careful!

How can you tell them apart? From looks alone, impossible. They look identical. But their voice is different. Shine´s voice is quite high pitched, while Star's voice is a little deeper. And of course, they act different.


  • They deliver at daytime only, mainly in the morning
  • None of them delivers packages, unless they are very thin/small.
  • They are family, like brothers.

Lui get´s quite a lot of letters from all around the world and luckly, he got these two little, trustful friends who bring him all the important papers. Lui meet them years a go, when he was wandering around on the sky islands.

Becky likes the service these two offer. She prefers them over the regual postman especially because Shine and Star are way faster and she can always do much small talk and jokes with them.

Wutz knows them since years and always had a good connection to them. She used to hire them to deliver letters to her husband, which has now passed. They also put flowers on his grave on occation.