Name: Nicole/Nicki

Age: 22

Species: Human / Dragon

Gender: female [she/her]

Orientation: straight

Birthday: 22.12


Nicole is a very shy and gentle human being who used to be in love with Lui! Now is in a sweet and loving relationship with Lui's best friend Karly. She loves quiet days and cozy sleepovers with friends!

She works in a little backery near the village and loves to eat muffins

Abilities & stuff..

shapeshift Communicating through thoughts comes back to life after death flying

Untrue Inferno Form

Nicole is an untrue inferno. A dragon chi made by human hand. She has pretty much the same abilities and strength an Inferno has but is not a god! She didn't envolve or was a different dragon at first.

Lui gifted that chi to her! The chi is structured in a way her body can process it.

The untrue part can be seen at her tail tip, which is blue while her body is orange.