Name: Nicole / Nikki

Age: 22

Species: Human/Dragon

Gender: female [she/her]

Orientation: straight

Birthday: 22.12


Nikki, best friends with Rebecka, Lui and others of their group, is a very sensitive indivitual and a fire dragon (U - Inferno) She's living near Beckys house, often hanging out under the willowtree, chilling with his bf Karly and trying not to die.

She loves the smell of bread.

IZ score: 65.593


Nicole works in a little backery/cafe near the village and loves to bake. She often eats the leftover muffins from the day before that didn't sell. Her Boss isn't too happy about that, however she hates wasting food, and she loves these. Sometimes she also gifts them to others, friends or homeless people.

She has no connection to her parents and she never talks about them. Nicole was moving out at a young age and was living in Totmansdoll since then. She rarely talks about her past, or aynthing related to the time before she came here.


Nicole is a very shy and gentle human being who used to be in love with Lui for a few years and always felt quite lonely! But now is in a sweet and loving relationship with Lui's best friend Karly. Karly also made her stronger and is always there for her when she needs him.

She loves quiet days and cozy sleepovers with friends, and is generally more the quiet, gentle type and is introvert.

Nicole is not the type of person to break rules or likes to get in conflicts, but she cares a lot about rights, kindness and peace. If actions are necessary, she will step in.

Abilities & stuff..

shapeshift Communicating through thoughts comes back to life after death flying

Untrue Inferno Form

Nicole is an untrue inferno. A dragon chi made by human hand. She has pretty much the same abilities and strength an Inferno has but is not a god! She didn't envolve or was a different dragon at first.

Lui gifted that chi to her! The chi is structured in a way her body can process it.

The untrue part can be seen at her tail tip, which is blue while her body is orange.