Species Lore

Dragons and gods, covering up their abilities and powers around anyone else. Both animals, and Humans have the ability to turn into a dragon by obtaining chi or having a special status in the magical world. Actual dragons also take place in this universe but are rather rare compared to the shapeshifters.

On other planets we can discover reptile alien species that appear quite dragon like, but are not classified as such, as well as certain human-aliens. Which will be explained in detail here too.

Iz Score

"Iz" or originally "Is" ( short for Internal storage) is a score which shows how high someones power is, consisting of abilities, dragon, strength and skills. Anyone who has a visible score that can be messured is considered supernatural, while others are called 'normies' (normal folks).

Known Scale
0 iz Normie
1 - 499 iz Different
500 - 999 iz Strong
1000 - 99.999 iz Unique
100.000 - 999.999 iz God
1.000.000 iz + Insane


"Chi" is what dragon abilities are mainly called. They´re glowing light balls that you put on your wrist to obtain their power. HOW exactly chi 'grows' is unknown.

The gem which Lui has on his wrist allows him to obtain and keep many dragon-Chis in his body, or more specifically in his gem. They´re also the reason for his big detailed dragon marking! Normally a person can not have more than one chi at a time, it´s not biologically possible and leads to death for none gods. In general, anyone who has obtained a chi will have a 'mark' on their wrist which shows the look of the dragon they can turn into. Most gods can also hide their marking to cover up their abilities in front of others to protect themselves.

Out of all the dragon people in the world, a score of about 10-35IZ is the most common. Only a small percentage of the world are strong or unique level, and an even smaller are god level.




Scalies (scalled dragons) are about 90% of the dragon forms people have.

They come in all different sizes and forms and include both, eastern and western dragons. Most people look like their true-self. If they are small, their dragon is also small, if they are chubby, their dragon is too. and so on.

Most scalies are weak. They have no fancy side effect abilities or talents, other than flying and breathing fire.


Scalie chi can either be given, or be found on the flying islands. Most of the time it is given however. Bone turtle often give them away and collect them, so you'll have the most success getting your very own chi from one of them.

Just like with most dragons, scalies also exist in more and less special chis. The strength and rarity of a chi can depend on the indivitual, some chis develop first before the person can transform, other times the form has a 'fixed' look, which mainly applies to special cases, bound to certain events or status. A great example of this is Freds Dark Dragon, and Luis Golden Dragon.


  • - usually weak
  • - scalled body all over
  • - some indivituals have no, or tiny wings
  • - easy to transform into in comparison to other chis, which makes them a great 'starterpack'.



Infernos, also known as "Fire Gods" are one of the most powerful dragons. Only people with a high status and Iz can obtain such power and transform into a beautiful fire creature. To many, these dragons used to be rumors for hundreds of years.

Inferno chi exists in a huge variaty of colors, sizes and shape. Some of them more special than others. Some can only be obtained and developed if indivituals have a very speific status and existence.


Inferno chi can develop in a few different ways. However, it can not be obtained by luck or stealing. Those who turn into fire must already had at least one other dragon power in their body as well as a high status.

The most well known Inferno , which is named "Blue Inferno" is a special case which develops only from a golden dragon. The blue inferno is the evolution of it. This type on inferno is so special because it only exists once. Whoever the golden dragon is, can develop into a blue flame. The chances are high or low based of off the realtionshop between golden and pink dragon. If their bound is strong enough, the chances increase.

Inferno chi can also be gifted from high gods, from those who are infernos as well or even more powerful indivituals. Especially pure white Inferno Chis are commonly gifted.

One exception however is an "inferno" called "Rainbow Beam". Unlike others, this kind of dragon is a mutation and has no chi form. It is also believed that both aren't related even if both are fire dragons.


  • - Once someone has obtained such a chi, the life span will no longer be natural. Infernos live until they get killed.
  • - They don´t flap with their wings to fly. They can float and jump in air
  • - Normal indivituals can not touch infernos. But it feels slighly cold, when one walks though your body.


U-Infernos are 'fake', synthetic dragons, developed and put together by Lui in this weird lab! U-Infernos have parts of multiple different Inferno-Chis as well as very specific DNA and can feature a variety of colors, which is not possible in true Infernos. This chi can be obtained by normies and is not harmful or dangerous to the indivitual, no matter their IZ. They are not gods, but have god-like power.
[ Characters who have U-Inferno Chi = Karly, Rodwig, Nicole]



Crypots are an alien reptile shapeshift species. Intelligent organisims from Crypton who populate the planet. Cryptos exist in two color variations: a brownish yellow (common), and black indivituals, who are very old and one of the first ones who populated Crypton. Often indivituals with wings get confused with the one and only 'golden dragon', since their scale colors look almost alike.

These kind of shapeshifters consist of nothing but black mass, they can look very normal, human however. Thier 'blood' is black as well. Cryptos mainly have a dark aura and are not friendly, but they can learn to trust and develop feelings.


Crytops are Aliens, from a different galaxy. They can already transform at a very young age and, unlike any other, don´t need chi. The Reptile is part of them/their DNA and not something they have to obtain. Those cold, black souls live in darkness mainly. On earth, they prefer to use cave systems and tunnels. But some just live a normal life in houses. The reason for that might be their home planet. They have multiple suns but those arent bright and big enough. Because of it, Crypton is always dark. Cryptos have amazing night vision as well..

Cryptos have electricity-based power. Most of them have powers related to it, but at the same time can be hurt with the same element too. Eletricity that is not their own is painful to them, which has something to do with their dimention. Electricity from earth and the universe in general is structured differently.


  • - Some Cryptos are way stronger than others
  • - Only females have bands coming out of their face
  • - They are doopelgangers. One indivitual from earth looks exactly like they do. But this only applies to the human apperance
  • - Their scale color is "satang". A color name only they use. (it´s a brownish yellow). They also don´t know what "gold" means.
  • - they have their own language, only gods on earth can understand them.

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