Totmansdoll is a little village where life isn´t so peaceful like it might seem....

On this very normal looking Earth, Humans and Animals are living a normal life. Some animals walk on all four while others are walking on two and talk. Some pets can even talk as well. They´re all living together and interact like humans in our world would! But to some, the more unusual aspects are unknown.

It might look normal, however high up in the clouds, hidden and mysterious is this one very special area, right above this little village. Many Flying islands, small and big. But on one of the huge islands is a very impressive building, which we call castle "T". The castle is flying high up , not visible from the ground. Clouds are always hiding and covering these mysterious lands, where dragons, gods and other creatures find place.

A few years back, there was always war and fear, between the so called dark and bright side. A huge rule book keeps all things together and is full of magic. But everything changed since the page who was responsable for this war got ripped out by good and brave people. ...well, some say this page got removed by an idiot... Since this day, the islands seem peaceful... But nobody there is safe. A much bigger problem appeared and is existing till today... a massive black crack in the universe, causing darkness. Aliens, affected from the inbalance are trying to fix this issue. But how? Many dark idivituals believe killing is the only option. Killing the one who caused it....

How can a book be responsible for this? Well, the book actually plays a much, much smaller role here than you might think.... this is not about an object, it's about a person.... or moreso, a specific relationship.

Totmansdoll is the village/world all my ocs belong to! It contains all kinds of information. I mainly use this site to explain, write things down, illustrate items, areas and more. I have this as my personal project, I always wanted to make all the things in my head visual to the eye, and that way, forgetting specific details is harder. Thanks for looking!

Quick World Facts

  • - Universe has a main god (a god higher than any other) that keeps an eye on everything. Her name is Niche
  • - Gods have the ability to make night and day, like a light switch with their fingers.
  • - Lui and Becky are main characters
  • - In most cases people keep and hide their secrets
  • - A lot of people can turn into a dragon
  • - Aliens are mainly bad people, because of the imbalance
  • - Flying islands can fall down, but it rarely happens
  • - Everyone here loves music
  • - The world isn't safe

Map Here is what it looks like!


The lands down there are mainly flat, covered in corn fields or lovely green open fields you can run around on. Totmansdoll only has a very small amount of bulidings and lot´s of nature going on. The little village is close to a massive ocean and cliffs, which are rocky but not too dangerous. A small path goes down to the beach that is covered in warm sand and beautiful blue clear water.

Inside the ocean, near the coast are pretty impressive stone formations and natural pillars, also often used from dragons and those who are able to fly, as parkour and to test their limits.

Around Totmansdoll and behind the big ocean, massive fields and nature, are cities and much more industry heavy areas. The little village is more protected and peaceful compared to other areas.

Totmansdoll also has a little jungle area right next to it. It's connected to the beach. Lui and his friends Hektor and Fluffy build their big treehouse in one of the huge trees when they were younger. It's a place where many like to chill on.

... and up!

The islands high above have a similar terrain and everything looks very green and natural. However sometimes you can find rocky areas or desert-like regions as well, those are mostly nearby the blue skygrounds and quite huge. Sometimes bigger dragons (none shapeshifters) can be found on it too.

Freds Castle is the highest point, no island flys higher than his, which is protected by a magical barrier only gods can enter.

Every single island is not visible from the ground, which has to do with a magical "visibility border" as well. It's not visible but it's there, making it impossible for everyone down there to see it.... Something that is sometimes visible however are stairs which are going high up in the sky. You can call them with a simple trick. But not many get to see this event. Those who enter the magical area like that do it mainly at night, when nobody is watching. Those stair always lead to the Tosdohl castle.