Name: Wutz Gener

Age: 42

Species: Pig / Dragon

Gender: female [she/her]

Orientation: straight

Birthday: 14.07

Wutz is known to be a big "mama" type-of-person. She loves to cook and wants to take care of all her friends. Wutz is best friends with Lui & Becky too and is involved in their life and struggles on a daily bases! She┬┤s also known as a leader. People who know her often come to hear her advice.

IZ score: 152.860


Wutz is the friendly neighbour pig who loves to cook! She is a side story character who still appears in a lot of scenarios , mainly has the role of the big, old, good soul who tries to hold everything together or gets the stone rolling.

She is a very good friend and gets along with many. Her overall sweet and kind appearence is also quite helpful, nobody would expect anything or assume anything suspicious.

Suspicious you may ask? Well, she's part of the supernatural world, and quite a fighter. She's a dragon and evolved into an inferno, a fire dragon god! She's not the type of person who runs away in dangerous situations. Not at all.


Wutz is a pretty chill and outgoing person! If you visit her, she will offer you some cookies and muffins!
She was always a very kind soul who only wants the best for the people around her. Often, she helps others with their mental issues or if they need one or two lifehacks to deal with their problems. Lui, who lives next to her, and she are pretty close. They both know each other since the beginning of his life. And because Lui had quite a lot of problems in his past time, Wutz was always there for him , helped him to feel more secure and make the next steps.

She is also very curious and sticks her nose into everything, which a lot of people don┬┤t mind actually, since she often has a solution for many things.


Since she was small Wutz always struggled with loosing loved ones. Her parents died in a car acident when she was still very young, but old enough to stand on her own two feet. Her parents left behind an old, abandoned house near a cliff, which was in really poor condition. But it was nothing Wutz couldn┬┤t fix herself. She successfully restored the old house and made it her forever lovely home!

She found love a couple years after her parents passed, and was living together with her partner in her home for many years. But things changed after a decade and her huspand died from cancer a few months after they found out about it. But what wasn┬┤t clear at that time was that she was pregnant. But unfortunately, her baby didnt make it, and died after a week. Because of all the dramatic, dark events happening to her, Wutz was falling into a deep hole for a long time.

But later in her life, she meet Fred and Anna Garden, Lui's Parents! Who moved in the house right next to hers, together with their two sons, which was empty for quite some time. They became Wutz's closest friends who helped her to get back up and see the positive things in life again. Often they drink coffee or go on a walk through the village, and generally have a very close relationship.

All those things shaped Wutz into a quite bright and positive soul, althrough her past might be dark, her future will be much better. She has quite an exiting, kinda dangerous life and good friends now who take good care of her, which she happily gives back to them as well.


She looks quite young for her age but you can tell she went through a lot in her life. Her favorite piece of clothing is her white-blue tone dress which her mom was wearing back then. She wants to have her by her side , it makes her feel protected and save.

she doesn┬┤t wear shoes , she prefers to feel the nature underneath her hoves.

Design Notes
  • - Chubby Body type
  • - female anatomy (not flat)
  • - loves wearing her light white dress most, but she can wear any experimental clothing
  • - She has human hands, but hoves as her feet. She wears no shoes!
  • - Going on adventures with friends
  • - cooking and food
  • - Swimming
  • - crafting , she┬┤s especially creative with nature themes, flowers, wood
  • - thinking back about her past/ getting reminded of those things
  • - Staying for too long on specific areas
  • - online communication, she prefers it the old traditional way
  • - being hungry

Abilities & stuff..

transforming into a dragon Flying Communicating through thoughts Walk on water Breathing underwater


Wutz has, like many others too, the ability to transform into a dragon! She turns into a chubby, yellow, scally dragon, has some cute, tiny but strong wings she can fly around with. Later in her life she also got her hand on some inferno powers, which means her whole dragon body is yellow, cold fire.

She can also breath underwater, walk on water, run super fast and can control fire with her hands and mind. But this is actually something most people can, due to inferno powers.

Some people say she can see the future but she clearly said she can┬┤t! Who knows if she actually has such abilities which she hides from everyone.