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Used or made by my characters... Funky Items, Weapons, Accessories and more.. explained!

Fire Slasher [Ref]

The Fire Slasher is a one and two handed weapon used by inferno gods!

Two Hands

The Slasher can be used with two hands, one piece in each. The Slasher activates and starts to glow in the persons color(s) as soon as an inferno god touches it. It loads for a bit, then fire starts coming out of it.

If used in seperate parts, this weapon is in it's strongest form and can cause a pretty impressive damage.

One Hand

Both parts can be put together into a longer handle, which transforms on it's own when both flames touch each other. The fire and engery inside fuses and fills out an inferno dragon shape, which is visible on one of the two parts. Now, an opening formed at both ends and flames are coming out which have a pretty big range on both sides. How much fire is coming out of both ends can be controled by the gods! Depending on how much power they have or how much they deceide to let out.

Changing color

The fire's color depends on the chi! If someone has the ability to turn into a yellow inferno, their weapon fire color will show it also! It's not possible to activate the weapon in a color they don't own. If someone has more than one inferno chi, they can show off the colors they have. No matter what they transform into, as long as the chi is there, the color can be switched. Which is the reason you can also see Lui being in his white form while blue fire is coming out of the slasher. The slasher can be used by anyone's true self as well, and it is actually more common than using the slasher while being in dragon state.

Any color of the rainbow is possible. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, even brown. White is no exception! The one thing that is excluded however, are all shades of grey and black. This is simply because a grey or black inferno does not exist. If a firedragon is a tone of grey or black, it's called a "Dusty". Dusties are dark souls and not considered gods, therefore can't activate the Slasher. Only pure, bright energy powers it on.

"The Staff" [Ref] the most powerful weapon in existence! The white dragon god Fred, who lives high up in the crystal castle owns it, but Lui steals it here and there. He has control over it as well and can use it to fight. This is only possible for very special indivituals. Normally nothing happens if someone tries to make use of it. It just behaves like a boring wooden stick.

The Staff consists of magical white wood! And is unbreakable. Can be burned my Inferno gods however but a lot of power is needed and it's usually not happening.

In Action

The staff must be hold with both hands to be able to work! Energy and power will then be transfered over into it and the staff is ready for a fight. Using it isn't 100% safe and if done wrong, can even cause brain damage. It's important to fully focus on it and not letting it get out of control.

Rainbow Ring [Ref]

The magical rainbow rings origin is D! Or moreso D's homeplanet Lupiton! D is the proud owner of this little piece of magic and uses it to appear differently and to hide his identity. However he isn't the only one who can use it. Pretty much any dragon and turtle can. It has no effect on skin however. Any kind of skin. Animal, Human. But humans and animals with dragon chi, or moreso their dragon appearance can use it.

16th Generation [Ref]

The 16th Generation is a powerful music cube Lui developed. It started out as a little side project many years back and turned into an actual functioning thing! "16th" because it's the 16th built/version. Past attempts had a lot of errors and features were missing as well. They looked much much more like a school project, rather than a solid piece of technology.

The cube is pretty much always there. People here love music, after all. This little piece of technology however, is much more special than it might seem at first. It's quite unusual in a way. Even has a core from a different planet now in version 16, which helps to balance and hold the "lights" in place. The materials name is unknown, but it's similar to obsidian when you look at it. Those little particles floating around the cube build a visualiser which is quite mesmerizing to look at. Depending on how loud it is and how much bass the song has, the little particles can jump as high as 30cm.

The cube also has an excellent sound quality and a pretty unreal volume which has something to do with the core too. It literally sounds like you are at a concert. But it can also just be used for some gentle background music or to fall asleep.

Coloration of the particles is always an magenta-pink tone. Which might have something to do with the cores origin and planet. But it's unexplored and unknown at this current time...

Dimention Necklace [Ref]

...crafted from materials from Crypton's surface, this necklace allows traveling between Earth and Crypton!

Currently, only a single necklace exists, and are often kept by either Lucius, Markus or Lui. It's not impossible to make more though! But making one is a lot of work. The stone consists of very rare minerals that can be found inside of Cryptons surface and are usually very deep underground... This necklace can be used very easily. Simply smash it on the ground and wait for the portal to build up! Don't forget to pick up the stone piece again before entering, or the way back will be difficult. Well, unless you can teleport and fly faster than light right back.. But be warned, normal folks can not breath on Crypton. So you might want to enter with oxygen supply.

Aszendent [Ref]

.. a very powerful crystal/gem, who was crafted by the gods of the sky and is thousands of years old already... Now owned and attached to Lui, who "was choosen", which is what people say and believe. Is it the truth? Nobody knows. But whatever the background of it might be, Lui was the one who was able to obtain and make use of it. This gem is attached to his arm and connected to his bloodstream. If he would try to remove it, he could eventually bleed to death. And not only that, but he would loose almost all his power. A lot of energy and magic is saved inside this little thing.

...but what kind of "magic" is it? Well, Abilities. The Aszendent comes with a lot of cool extras. Not only being able to obtain and store several Chis which is usually impossible. But also an incredible strength and heal power. As well as:

  • Finger gun shots
  • Fire balls
  • Protective shield
  • Reading minds on a different level

Future Phone [Ref]

A brilliant piece of alien technology! Origin: Crypton

A solid hologram of a modern day smartphone that behaves quite similar to a normal one. But images, videos, text, calls and messages are displayed outside the screen. Basically a hologram from a hologram. Is came from Crypton along with Infinity, Lucius and Markus who brought this down to earth. Lui and his friends are using the futuristic technology now too. It's also much easier and quicker to use than a regular phone and fits into every tiny pocket. It also has the great ability to call others no matter on what galaxy or planet you are.

Listening to music on this is the biggest thing. Visualizer behaves similar to the 16th generation cube and jumps out of the sreen. Its fun to lay it on the ground and letting the lights jump out in all directions when the beat drops.