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What are Jumpingspiders?

Jumpingspiders are.. well, spiders. But unlike most spiders, they are very friend-shaped and have a very cute looking appearance due to their huge eyes, blocky shape and fluffyness. Jumpingspiders are known to "cure arachnophobia" and in comparison, are liked by the majority of people around the globe.

Jumping spiders are often called & nicknamed 'Jumpers' or 'Spoods' too.

They are very curious and have some of the best vision among arthropods. 8 eyes of which 4 are on the front, and the others on the left (2) and right (2) side of their head. They use it in courtship, hunting, and for navigation. They see pretty much everything around them, but only focus with their front eyes, everything else is blurry to them. Just like how we see and focus on the objects around us.

Jumpers sometimes act like cats, and are also sometimes called cats or dogs by people. They even follow laserpointers (yes, I'm not making this up). However calling them cats is more a joke than anything. Jumpers aren't cuddly nor enjoy petting and playing like a cat. Its still a spider. But their behaviour often gets compared to it.

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Personal Q & A

Do you have arachnophobia and why are Jumpingspiders different?

Yes! I am terrified of spiders much smaller than Jumpers as well. They are uncanny to me. Mainly their movement and appearence. The way they move is random. Jumpers on the other end act intelligent which is a major factor on why they are so much different to me. They are curious, they are similar to mammals in terms of behaviour and on top of that, look cute. Handling a Jumper for the first time was a bit spooky but more exciting than anything. Afer a few times, I no longer had an issue. But I still have the same issues around other spiders. There's no way I am touching them. However what I did notice is that I now avoid killing spiders.. unless its big.. I move them outside 80% of the time.

Fun fact: I had the idea to get a Jumper around 3-4 years before actually getting one. It was always just a silly thought.

Can they bite and have you been bitten?

None of my Jumpers has ever bitten me. But Holly nibbled at me and tasted my skin on day one. (it felt a bit like very soft biting?. Didn't hurt at all. Can they bite? Yes they can. However it takes quite a bit. The only biting I have ever expirienced myself was them going after the paintbrush when I try to navigate them. I am pretty sure they confuse it with prey, as well as something 'bad' that's coming from behind.

Do you handle them often?

Depends on if they want to interact. If I notice they are more quiet and hiding, I leave them alone. If they are active I check if they wanna come out. Sometimes I handle them every other day, other times I don't handle them for months. I also don't handle them when they are in pre-molt or right after. They're super inactive in this time anyway.

Who is your favorite?

I love them pretty equally. But have a slighly bigger connection to Ori, she was my first spider, I have her the longest.

Do you have a favorite species?

Phiddipus Regius mainly because of their size and cuteness. (They are also the biggest spoods, along with Hyllus) But out of all I think Paraphidippus aurantius and paraphidippus fartilis specifically are absolute beauties. The green color and pure whites.. top notch. But also, Bettle Jumpingspiders! Look at them, they're silly funky dudes. The one with the pink colors is called Irura bidenticulata

Any specific spoods you plan to get in the future?

Yes! After I've finally gotten a Hyllus Diardi. (my previous favorite I had written here) I really wanna get a otiosus, or similar kind. I don't know which one yet, but Phidippus otiosus “Orange Form” are quite cool! They look dope af.