.. and welcome to Skykristal´s so named Hidden World website! .. where everything that´s bouncing around in my head takes place. I am a self taught artist & love being creative & colorful!

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My entire site is meant to be optimised for both, desktop and mobile. But is way better looking on desktop. Because I use a responsive layout, I hide half my decor & images on mobile to avoid overlapping elements. I also use some Js.


Any graphics are self made. I draw my own decor & characters. My decor is not for free use/ or there to copy! Though, being inspired by it is fine! (unless you´re using my free to use work in cool stuff, that´s fine of course.)

Featured Artwork

"Cave Exploring"
30 June 2022

To Do List & Site Process
Web Rings
Retronaut Webring
Hotline Webring

Started: 17.06.2022


older images / More plants


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Site Updates

- Aquarium 🐟
- plant update

- finished 2 more character profiles wuhu.
- I now have a more epic view counter! cool 3D earth
- A plant site in my collection! (no images of them on mobile sorry)

- new dream diary entries
- overall small changes to some sites
- I´ve set up a box for Boris my green bird plant. I´ll update it whenever there´s some progress.

- I´ve made a special little gallery section for everything bird related. or well, everything that flies.
- I have coded and added a lot of stylus styles to my free to use resources. Such as neocities, google, statuscafe and more.. (cool stuff > scroll down)

- Set up a nsfw sub gallery. (Gallery > scroll down)

- Gallery has it´s own look now! Kind of a paper style. I might do a few more fitting graphics for it.
- The Wobbles Toothy and Dreamcatcher now have a current and past tab. (Pets in "cool stuff")

More Updates
Art News

- set up another ych auction Ocean themed. Artfight is starting soon but that won´t stop me lmao. Also doing a seperate personal piece as well at this time.

Webdesign I Enjoy
  • Rounded corners
  • Hidden secrets
  • Glow
  • Gradients
  • Creative borders & decor
  • Decent animations
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