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.. and welcome to Skykristal´s so named Hidden World website! .. where everything that´s bouncing around in my head takes place. I am a self taught artist & love OCs!

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My entire site is meant to be optimised for both, desktop and mobile. But is way better looking on desktop. Because I use a responsive layout, I hide half my decor & images on mobile to avoid overlapping elements. I also use some Js.

Any date is written in DD.MM.YYYY format.

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Green Friends...

Bird flower project / all plants

To Do - Future

Things I have planned for this site, want to add, working on currently etc. Moved the list to trello:

Web Rings
Retronaut Webring
Hotline Webring

Started: 17.06.2022

Site Updates

- Instead of a simple image link, featured artwork on homepage can now be clicked on to open a modal in full view with little story about it!

- added My World site now. Unfinished and a lot of areas need to be done but I'm very happy with how it looks so far

- added Sticker Sheet Club page! Keep an eye on it, I'll make my own stickers in the near future

- Dress up game enjoy

More Updates
Art News

Working more on getting characters done I haven't illustrated yet. You will probably see more and more poping up in the text weeks or months. But coding and writting their profiles takes quite a bit. I will probably have art but not profiles ready.