The World Above



NameSkyground/ Skyislands
Age500 million years approx
Groundgrass, stone, water
Majoritynon-toxic / green
Minoritytoxic / blue
ExtrasCastle(s), Bunker, Caves, Hidden Inferno Level

The flying Islands....

Right above Totmansdoll, covered by clouds is a magical world, full of gods, dragons and other creatures. Mainly dragon shapeshifters, normal dragons and bone turtles live there. Hiding from the rest of the world, doing things secretly and hidden from the rest of the world... And of course, castle "T" which is the most populated area up there.

..... Totmansdoll has lot´s of flying islands. They only exist over the little village. The majority of them don´t look very unusual. Lot's of white tiny flowers are growing everywhere, especially near the "Big Deep". Which make the lands very beautiful and almost dream-like. Sunsets especially are absolutely wonderful up there.

A very common thing are natural stone pillars, they are up to 300 meters in hight and are mainly located on the lowest islands and for that reason appear like they grow out of clouds, going up to the highest islands in some cases. Dragons and people love to fly up and around them. They also make a great parkour.


Most islands look normal, while others are covered in blue grass, funky trees, dark soil, crystals and little waterfalls. Those are called the "Skyground" and can only be entered by gods! Other idivitulas would harm themselves. The ground feels like acid and burns through the skin right down to the bones. For high gods, the ground feels soft and refreshing. Wounds heal, Inferno dragons get more power from it.

If you walk on top of them, thousends of little lights fly around, who look kinda similar to fireflies. However, those aren't tiny animals, they are energy particles. Inhaling them can also be dangerous and deadly for none-gods.

However, the majority of the islands are green and harmless.

Inferno Level

The so called "Inferno Level" is a place full of (none-shapeshift) fire dragons, which can be accessed through a portal inside the big deep located in one of the islands. Rather than ending in a puddle of blue water, a portal opens for gods, or other infernos who wish to visit. The inferno level looks like a gigantic open cave, with flying little platforms, nature everywhere and very soft, light sand underneath. It is at the same time the home of Euphoria, the queen of fire. She protects all life down there.

About Infernos

Skywater & Skycrystals

Skywater is the blue, glowing liquid which can be found on the magical blue islands! It´s texture is just like regular water but a little thicker. Their origin is unknown but we assume the crystals produce it. They're growing all over the skyground islands and form beauitful formations. It´s full of magic and gives gods lots of strenght, by drinking, touching it or taking a bath.

Skywater also has a red form, which you can barely find anywhere, locations are very random and rare. Drinking from it or even touching it can cause brain damage, even a small dose. Lui is so far the only one who can take a few drops to get stronger, without getting injured. He however rarely consumes it.