... I'll throw in a bunch of different things here, such as redraws, challenges... and everything else the future Me wants to include.

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sfw only, if you like to see nsfw please go to the nsfw section in my archive

You pick an older artwork (doesn't matter how old), draw it again and see if there is improvement, or just for fun.

Drawing Challenges / Memes
Challenge Completed?
Old Art Style
Draw a character in your style you had __ years a go.
Template over on twitter. complex, and a simple one down below.
Art Style Challenge
Draw any/your character in popular styles. e.g. brands, comics, movies, cartoons.
"Draw your character into" by arebeano yes!
"100 Faces" by MagicalPouch 2 so far
"Jack o pose" Draw any/your character in this funny pose! Yes!