Status: Open

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Little Guys - 25€

simple bg
big Items, character standing on a platform, mini bg, other +10€
additional character +20€

Please note Characters will be simplified! Please don't get this option if your character can't translate well into this style. Eyes are iris color only! If your character's eye features pattern, symbols or other complex structures in it I will not include them.

Clean sketches & sketchpages

This is my category for everything "sketch"

Prices: Bust- 25€, Halfbody- 50€, Fullbody- 75€, Items- 5-20€
Sketches & sketchpages have simple bg, simple shading

Icon - 55€

simple background
with two people in the icon - 90€

Halfbody - 75€

Simple background
+100% for additional character

Fullbody - 100€

+100% for additional character
Rendered fullbody of your character with no, or simple background!

Full Illustration - 165€

base price includes scene (background) and one character
+100€ for additional character

Detailed Illustration featuring the character in an environment/scene with detail, interacting with surroundings etc. This can include halfbody or fullbody and depends on the format, artpiece and idea you have!

Contact Form

Please send me the following form if you would like to order a commission!

Character ref:
Paypal Email:
Commission Type:
I've read & understand your terms: yes/no

Filled out example:

Character ref: ref sheet of my character
Paypal Email:
Commission Type: Fullbody
Details: Can my character be in [this pose ] holding a skateboard. I would love if he has a grumpy expression, teeth showing. For the background, something dark & rusty colors would be great!
I've read & understand your terms: yes