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Feeling bored? Share some doodles with me! This whiteboard won't expire.
Anything but NSFW/hate/politics. You can draw your characters, silly critters, your dog or anything else you like.

Drawing Board

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This is only a textwall for fun stuff, text art. I have a guestbook if you want to leave an actual message!

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The Large Blue butterfly is a species of carnivorous butterfly, and went extinct in Britain in 1979. It has since been reintroduced with new conservation methods.

Want your own? Visit hekate.neocities.org!

Free To Use

Anything below is made by me & free to use! please credit me/ link back if you end up using my work publicly!


My own handwritten font! ^-^
(no numbers.. cuz I was at the max limit of smybols in the free plan on calligraphr ..sigh...)

Rainbow Cursor (normal & hand)

I made this cursor for my website but I want to share it with you! :) Put it in your css or html file. (might need some edits depending on your HTML)

Stylus Styles

I do these out of boredom. Stylus is an extention most browsers support.

Find them here