You may or may not ask yourself.. why this website? The answer is simple. I want Freedom! I do use regular social websites, however, not as much as I used to.. It´s not the same "welcome home" feeling you had back then. With a website? It´s different. You can express yourself however you want, can create whatever you want and share whatever you want. Nothing can stop you. Well, almost nothing. Maybe.. a few coding difficulties can.

I was always a fan of having my own special space, where I can just throw in whatever I enjoy and can decor it how I love it. Back in 2012/14 I had a website before. It was dedecated to animal crossing and just very random graphics & info about my town or villagers. I could even find it again through my old facebook blog oh lord. But a few things don´t really work anymore or need log in (why tho)

Now you have probably already noticed that my site also has a commission section. While I do have this site mainly for fun, I also use it to host my art commission information and terms. Because this is also part of me and what I do, I make money with my artwork occationally. And the site that shows my service should just be as creative and funky as everything else. That´s how I am and what I like. I do care about being professional but this doesn´t mean my site has to be boring and super formal. Things can work chill as well, and they definetely do work very well!

My intention with this site is also just to reach people of course. I want to share my creations, get opinions and make connections. I just want to show off what interests me and eventually find others who share similar things.