- Bully has a profile now!
- A-Quarium got an update

- Cursor effect. Just on homepage for now
- Updated Gallery
- A couple changes here and there.. Too much to list
- Updated Plants
- Brought back polls to my homepage
- Check out my Nekoweb too, recently made my new TH profile. Its there too for viewing purposes, listed within Misc. I love the outcome of this so much!

- Expanded Lui's profile a bit
- Design changes, sharper web design, less round
- Updated spoods
- better structure for comm page
- randomized art showcase on homepage

- I've written D's profile a bit more and expanded some information
- Redesigned my Links pages lately and added some new stuff to it, same for my cool stuff page
- Wrote a few new blog entries and also deleted some I don't quite liked. I also wrote a bit inside the 'about' section there and added my animated icon... just because lol
- Added a new dream to my dream blog page
- Some general small changes and additions to my homepage, art gallery and OC pages

- full-width site redesign

- the snowflakes are falling now

- Updated terms. some new commission examples, will add more soon
- New featured artwork
- sorted my collection files and had to edit a lot of link shit because of it
- My two Jumping spiders recieved an extra page with overview and more details about jumpingspiders generally.
- Improved a lot of OC profiles and I am happy with them. Some aren't done
- New design and updates for my Plant Collection

- finished Fred and Anna's profile
- changed up pretty much all OC profiles, and removed the ugly clutter backgrounds, giving it the same clean look the rest of my website got
- added IZ's scores (power level) to some Ocs who have them... I'll likely expand a couple profile even more as I am not too happy with them and their layout for the landing tab specifically. idk what to do yet... maybe merging the main and bio tabs into one.

- redesigned the site slightly. Making things more simple, less clutter. Making the content stand out more
- deleted a bunch of pages and areas I don't care about nor update anyway. I also removed some information I found unneeded and useless
- The rainbow titles are now text, not images anymore. Got bored of it. The text also gives a much cleaner look
- updated the sitemap after all the changes and moved a few things around
[if none of the changes appear yet, please hard-refresh]

- finished illustrating and coding Holly's page

- finished illustrating and coding Ori's page

- updated Lui's profile with new art and an updated 'forms' section. Now each form has it's own little gallery
- Made some adjustments to the sidebar and design
- commented out the SCM player for now as it caused some weird bugs

- character profiles for Rodwig, Annicka, Nicole 💙
- expanded my art gallery
- Set up SCM player. Start playing music on the art gallery page and navigate through my website with seamless music the whole time...

- New Reference sheet for Lucius
- Added a Webgardens page

- Plantprojects got a new layout

- Added Secret Drawing Box

- Penelope sits on my homepage! Who? Neocities Mascot, actually. She looks horrible, just like me after working my ass off.
- lots of general improvements, new art added to my Art Gallery and updated Rebeckas ref sheet!
- New display for Webrings on the right side of the screen, check it out!
- Featured art became Newest art on homepage. Click to open! This is done using CSS only, I had JS modals before this.
- Original Character page got the default sidebar menu back! If it still appears weird, small with centered text to you, hard refresh! It should look just like the other pages

- set up the Big Book page! It contains character world writing

- More progress on my OC world!

- added My World site now. Unfinished and a lot of areas need to be done but I'm very happy with how it looks so far

- added Sticker Sheet Club page! Keep an eye on it, I'll make my own stickers in the near future

- Dress up game enjoy

- Reorganized Links. They´re now all inside the links page and not all over the place anymore
- Sitemap got a minimal design change

- Updated my "About Me" page
- Some general improvements have been made.
- worked more on my plants collection

- Aquarium 🐟
- plant update

- finished 2 more character profiles wuhu.
- I now have a more epic view counter! cool 3D earth
- A plant site in my collection!

- new dream diary entries
- overall small changes to some sites
- I´ve set up a box for Boris my green bird plant. I´ll update it whenever there´s some progress.

- I´ve made a special little gallery section for everything bird related. or well, everything that flies.
- I have coded and added a lot of stylus styles to my free to use resources. Such as neocities, google, statuscafe and more.. (cool stuff > scroll down)

- Set up a nsfw sub gallery. (Gallery > scroll down)

- Gallery has it´s own look now! Kind of a paper style. I might do a few more fitting graphics for it.
- The Wobbles Toothy and Dreamcatcher now have a current and past tab. (Pets in "cool stuff")

- Haven´t made an entry anymore for every little inch I update. So here´s a summary. Made a couple imrovements overall, Finished a few oc profiles, Made little ajustments to the way my diaries look, added a free to use section, added a cool websites section, added a new item to crystals and stones collection, customised toothy and dreamcatcher more (wobble.town) as well as making little on site pages for them, redesigned my status.cafe, webring is now on the homepage.

- Improved a couple things c:

- started working on more profiles...

- Coded & wrote Lui´s on-site profile . I structured /and will structure my character profiles with tabs. I usually don´t work with tabs so that was quite a challange. Glad the whole page didn´t broke 47493729 times because of a div. ahhh :). And yes it´s very minimalistic on purpose, so you can focus on reading!

- Made 2 new buttons! Check them out at the bottom

- Restructured my whole website. Everything is now without the .html ending by using folders for each page. pain... but I´m much happier with it now.
- I got myself a custom domain now. I´ve never done this stuff ever in my life but thanks to reddit, I got it to work.

- added a little click effect because why the hell not. Code from here. But I personalized it quite a bit.
- added more to my gallery. Drawings who are in my redbubble now have a "shop products" link

- added on-site social page (Links)
- regorganized a few things on the homepage

- I added an actual form to my commsision page. (first time doing this heh)
- started adding more to my OC´s page. Little circles underneath that show their other forms. Hover over them to see a preview. I also improved a few animations

- Improved background look (trying something new?)
- added some fonts & decor to sidebar
- I need sleep

- you spin me right round baby right round Sidemenu button icons
- repositioned my diaries
- small improvements to design & mobile menu button

- put in an entierly different, better tooltip and had to redo all the ones I did in my collection for each item (pain). What I used is also linked in "Cool Stuff"
- slighly improved art gallery & images (modal content is now more in fit to content size.) And I put in some new drawings to feature
- drawn titles for my collections instead of the normal old buttons
- improved animation for diary & mobile menu openings

- Got myself a wobble.town
- Added a little Vent page
- signed in to status.cafe! It´s the little status you can see in the side bar

- Painted my own background! (features my oc Niche)

- Made my own cursor, frame for some boxes & colorful buttons (X) for anything you can open & close (modals)
- Finished drawing & adding all the rainbow titles for every page!
- Big improvement made to the mobile menu on all sites. (now opens using offcanvas)

- Drew a few more graphics...
- Added more to Game Screenshots
- Improved loading time
- Put "webdesign I enjoy" instead of "Interests & Fav games" on homepage. It felt out of place

- Added Diary & Dream Diary (top right on home page)
- Added calendar (home page)
- Slighly altered layout for newest artwork on homepage

- Finished the page displaying my Ocs, took way too long aaaa
- Made more decor for the site such as blue frame flowers, crystals, character decor etc.
- Added some images to Game Screenshots

- added more to About, Such as little series reviews, slighly improved layout. And a colorful guy hanging there.

- This is more of an off site update but I came back to tumblr after 4 years. My art blog got a completely new look & new art of course!

- already added a ton of Collections

- Added "about me" along with new menu inside of it
- put info and images in "My Desktop"

- A custom process bar to see the sate of the site
- added on site page for Ocs via iframe
- Added some funky frames to a view cards
- A few new links in Cool Stuff
- Character decor for the welcome box
- Small slideshow in Gallery

- completed coding Commission, T.O.S and Prices

- Improved gallery with modal function

- Added Mobile Menu

- Added mobile browser color themes (very cool)
- "Guestbook" added

- added some animations
- Managed to add a funny cursor effect!
- Added "Gallery" and links to "Cool Stuff"

- Working on this website and finding more cool stuff to put in...

- start of existence / create day