Site Updates

- Reorganized Links. TheyĀ“re now all inside the links page and not all over the place anymore
- Sitemap got a minimal design change

- Updated my "About Me" page
- Some general improvements have been made.
- worked more on my plants collection

- Aquarium šŸŸ
- plant update

- finished 2 more character profiles wuhu.
- I now have a more epic view counter! cool 3D earth
- A plant site in my collection!

- new dream diary entries
- overall small changes to some sites
- IĀ“ve set up a box for Boris my green bird plant. IĀ“ll update it whenever thereĀ“s some progress.

- IĀ“ve made a special little gallery section for everything bird related. or well, everything that flies.
- I have coded and added a lot of stylus styles to my free to use resources. Such as neocities, google, statuscafe and more.. (cool stuff > scroll down)

- Set up a nsfw sub gallery. (Gallery > scroll down)

- Gallery has itĀ“s own look now! Kind of a paper style. I might do a few more fitting graphics for it.
- The Wobbles Toothy and Dreamcatcher now have a current and past tab. (Pets in "cool stuff")

- HavenĀ“t made an entry anymore for every little inch I update. So hereĀ“s a summary. Made a couple imrovements overall, Finished a few oc profiles, Made little ajustments to the way my diaries look, added a free to use section, added a cool websites section, added a new item to crystals and stones collection, customised toothy and dreamcatcher more ( as well as making little on site pages for them, redesigned my, webring is now on the homepage.

- Improved a couple things c:

- started working on more profiles...

- Coded & wrote LuiĀ“s on-site profile . I structured /and will structure my character profiles with tabs. I usually donĀ“t work with tabs so that was quite a challange. Glad the whole page didnĀ“t broke 47493729 times because of a div. ahhh :). And yes itĀ“s very minimalistic on purpose, so you can focus on reading!

- Made 2 new buttons! Check them out at the bottom

- Restructured my whole website. Everything is now without the .html ending by using folders for each page. pain... but IĀ“m much happier with it now.
- I got myself a custom domain now. IĀ“ve never done this stuff ever in my life but thanks to reddit, I got it to work.

- added a little click effect because why the hell not. Code from here. But I personalized it quite a bit.
- added more to my gallery. Drawings who are in my redbubble now have a "shop products" link

- added on-site social page (Links)
- regorganized a few things on the homepage

- I added an actual form to my commsision page. (first time doing this heh)
- started adding more to my OCĀ“s page. Little circles underneath that show their other forms. Hover over them to see a preview. I also improved a few animations

- Improved background look (trying something new?)
- added some fonts & decor to sidebar
- I need sleep

- you spin me right round baby right round Sidemenu button icons
- repositioned my diaries
- small improvements to design & mobile menu button

- put in an entierly different, better tooltip and had to redo all the ones I did in my collection for each item (pain). What I used is also linked in "Cool Stuff"
- slighly improved art gallery & images (modal content is now more in fit to content size.) And I put in some new drawings to feature
- drawn titles for my collections instead of the normal old buttons
- improved animation for diary & mobile menu openings

- Got myself a ( in Cool Stuff)
- Added a little Vent page
- signed in to! ItĀ“s the little status you can see in the side bar

- Painted my own background! (features my oc Niche)

- Made my own cursor, frame for some boxes & colorful buttons (X) for anything you can open & close (modals)
- Finished drawing & adding all the rainbow titles for every page!
- Big improvement made to the mobile menu on all sites. (now opens using offcanvas)

- Drew a few more graphics...
- Added more to Game Screenshots
- Improved loading time
- Put "webdesign I enjoy" instead of "Interests & Fav games" on homepage. It felt out of place

- Added Diary & Dream Diary (top right on home page)
- Added calendar (home page)
- Slighly altered layout for newest artwork on homepage

- Finished the page displaying my Ocs ! took way too long aaaa
- Made more decor for the site such as blue frame flowers, crystals, character decor etc.
- Added some images to Game Screenshots

- added more to About . Such as little series reviews, slighly improved layout. And a colorful guy hanging there.

- This is more of an off site update but I came back to tumblr after 4 years. My art blog got a completely new look & new art of course!

- already added a ton of Collections

- Added "about me" along with new menu inside of it
- put info and images in "My Desktop"

- A custom process bar to see the sate of the site
- added on site page for Ocs via iframe
- Added some funky frames to a view cards
- A few new links in Cool Stuff
- Character decor for the welcome box
- Small slideshow in Gallery

- completed coding Commission, T.O.S and Prices

- Improved gallery with modal function

- Added Mobile Menu

- Added mobile browser color themes (very cool)
- "Guestbook" added

- added some animations
- Managed to add a funny cursor effect!
- Added "Gallery" and links to "Cool Stuff"

- Working on this website and finding more cool stuff to put in...

- start of existence / create day